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Thoughts Which Dismay

Story ID:4818
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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I better write this today because I'm irked on a number of fronts. First of all I
hope you will forgive me for "venting." I cringe when I hear people criticize
President Barak Obama. I see him as an exceptional man. In my view -he is
gifted, kind, and hard-working. So I am dismayed when people try to tear him
down. And I'm also saddened that his attempts for bi-partisanship seemingly
are being ignored.

Re his trillion dollar budget- why bellyache? If you have a better plan - why
haven't we heard about it? In the first place -I heard it took us 30 years to
get into the mess we are in. Hopefully, it won't nearly take that much time
to get us out of it. But for me - until that time- when, and if he is proven
wrong re his policies - I certainly will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Re those people who think it is unfair to raise the taxes of those making
$250,000 or more - I will gladly change incomes with anyone of them. Mine is
$17,000 a year. I would gladly give more if I could because I recalled that,
President Obama, in one of his speeches said that we all have to make sacrifices.
The general thinking sadly, it's all right for some - but not for me!

Today on ABC News - it showed the CEO of Bank America coming in to
Washington on a corporate jet which costs $5000 per trip. And of course-
whose money is being used? Ours. Why don't you people who critizice Pres.
Obama - direct your criticism to people like him? It would have cost $400
on a regular airplane. I submit that the government send him a bill for $4600
which he can well afford and we the US taxpayer can't.

I don't remember where I saw this on TV that a Christian Iraqi was being
tortured to recant. I think it is disgraceful -that after pouring billions of
dollars to make Iraq "democratic" - THEY HAVE NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION
FOR CHRISTIANS. Yes, I'm very upset about this. And to add insult to injury,
it was said that Christians were allowed to worship when Saddam Hussein
was in power.

This persecuted Christian man- when released took refuge in Kurdistan with
other Christians who relocated there. I submit that if they don't change the
policies re religious freedom in Iraq - then Kurdistan should be allowed to
become independent and be given equal access to its oil reserves. Whether this
is feasible and they can make it on their own - I don't know, but I certainly think
it should be a consideration. No way are they behaving in a democratic fashion
when they have zero tolerance for Christian Iraqis.

And lastly, if you have ever posted a comment on oped.com -they have a policy
of not accepting the use of any 4 letter words. So, imagine my surprise when
an "enraged" commenter used one in her beginning sentence. In so many words-
she called those of us who commented on the cruelty of rodeos as "idiots."
She said we didn't know what we were talking about. I could not help but
wonder -did she?

I'm sorry that I didn't encourage her to watch "SHARK's Rodeo video which is
on You Tube. Initially the Rodeo Assn. convinced You Tube that the video was
an infringement of their rights. Thankfully, Shark didn't cave, and it was put
back on the You Tube for all to see. I think that's great. You may discredit
the written word as this woman did, but how can you do the same with a video?

Well, I think I will comment further and ask her if she had taken the time to
view this "humane" treatment of animals on You Tube. I also told her that
she either worked for the rodeo or knew someone who did. If so, I think that
kind of removes her from being objective big time.

I really doubt though that people of her ilk will change their opinions easily.
I would like to say that confronted with the "truth," I would. Will she change
her tune - once watching the rodeo video? Will she even take the time to watch
it? I think that for sure that would be a litmus test of her sincerity.

Most of us are so wedded to our beliefs that why should "truth" stand in the
way? I hope for those of you who care about animals will take the time
to click SHARK's rodeo video. They put themselves on the line to videotape
the horrors of the rodeo. Shouldn't we take the time to view the "fruits" of
their labor?

For me rodeo always conjures up a scene of a frightened calf running hard
from the cowboy on horseback when suddenly his neck is violently jerked
back by a lasso probably causing whiplash or even a broken neck. This is
humane? Not for me in a long shot.