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Did You Ever Have Bronchitis?

Story ID:4831
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Did you ever have bronchitis-- is probably a silly question. I really don't know
though because no one has shared that experience with me before. Well, I
am sharing mine with anyone who may be just the least bit curious. You may
be thinking - maybe she has some "miracle" cure for it. The only way to find
out is to read it.

I finally went to church this morning after missing liturgy from Thurs.
til today - Tuesday. During the 5 days I was home I broke my sneeze record -
five in a row. Can any of you beat that? Then I almost used a whole roll of
Scott's toilet tissue with a dripping nose. The tissue was just as good as
Kleenex and cheaper too and my cloth handkerchiefs of choice -for environmental
reasons and softness were already used up. Last, but not least - one day was
spent hacking. I probably had a fever too because my forehead was warm - not
hot, so my fever was probably minimal. Why didn't I take it? Who feels like
groping in the medicine cabinet for a thermometer when one isn't feeling well?

All in all -it wasn't a really bad bout like the time I inexplicably sank to the
floor a couple of times. The doctor was unimpressed when I reported it to
him- after the fact. I had wondered if that wasn't a serious symptom because
I was well by the time I saw him and asked him if I should be concerned. I was
much relieved to hear him say that it was part of the "package." I was also glad
to reaffirm to myself that rest, garlic, echinachea, and juice -- my medicine of
choice works for me. AND there was no need to see him again about these bouts.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I had some old - really old lozenges. I managed
to use some of them. Of course, any medicinal properties were probably long
gone by now.

Last but not least- this 5- day bout was tiny. I believe the big one took me a
couple of weeks to get over and the doctor said that that too was not surprising.
He mentioned that sometimes bronchitis can go into pnuemonia, but since my
mucous was clear and not green, there was no need for antibiotics to clear it up.
That serious bout was in 2005 and I haven't seen him since. For me if I never
have to see a doctor again, I will be happy. (No offense intended to the noble
profession of healing.) Of course, at some point I probably will, but will not look
forward to that meeting. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I HEARD OR READ that some
people actually like going to see doctors! Good news doctors - there are probably
more of that type than of mine!

I hope everyone realizes that I am NOT advocating missing visits to the doctor.
I just feel blest that I rarely have to make them. I think that means I'm pretty
healthy and God be praised for that.