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TROY AT CAPE BRETON storybook for ages 5-8

Story ID:4857
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard & Esther Provencher
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Richard & Esther Provencher
81 Queen Street, Unit 6, Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada B2N 2B2 Phone (902) 897-2344
E-mail: richardprov1@netscape.net

A Storybook for ages 5-8
Word Count = 750

By Richard and Esther Provencher

“Thanks for the drawing paper, mom,” Troy said, full of excitement. “I brought all my colors too.” Then he and Dad began their trip from NEW GLASGOW, Nova Scotia.

Troy’s first drawing was three Birch trees, his favorite. He placed them beside the highway that traveled like a band of ribbon through the hills. They were close to each other, like friends.

He drew houses of different sizes, then a cat’s face peeking from upstairs. Cars and trucks in his drawing went ZOOM.

His clouds looked like squiggly marshmallows. Some were floating as kites across a blue sky. Then he drew a bridge over a small river.

His pencil made a circle, for a little lake nearby, and little squiggles were for swimming trout.

After he and his dad drove into ANTIGONISH, Troy drew a huge school.

“That’s Saint Francis Xavier University,” said Dad.

At MOTHER WEBB'S they stopped to eat. “YUM…YUM, fish and chips.” After filling tummies they drove to the CANSO CAUSEWAY Bridge.

“This will take us to CAPE BRETON ISLAND!" Dad shouted.

Troy drew water lines under the bridge. Then he put ‘white-caps’ on top of the waves. Were those eyes peeking from the water? He wondered. His clouds watched from above.

They drove into a little town called BADDECK.

“Mr. Alexander Graham Bell lived here a long time ago,” Dad said. “He invented the telephone too.”

Troy drew THE MARGAREE VALLEY sign. Tree branches leaned from both sides of the road like two umbrellas. His hills were shaped like camel humps, because the road was going up and down like a roller coaster.

“Cape Breton is full of hills,” said Troy, nodding his head.

On a fresh sheet of paper, he drew the town’s name: CHETICAMP. And his houses now had red roofs.

Dad said, “LES ACADIENS live here.” He said it the French way. “See their flag,” said Dad, “it’s red, white and blue.”

Troy added a star on it. Then he painted different colors on houses. And he made the blue sea travel far away to meet the sky.

"Look, the tide’s going out," said Dad. As they watched, Troy drew a beach full of pebbles. “Don’t walk there in bare feet,” he said.

He placed children in his pictures, with circles around their mouths for words. One boy was holding up a huge fish.

Seagulls soared up and down in his drawings. Their beaks were long. That made it easier to catch a fish snack, or even a slice of bread.

If Troy were a seagull, he too would fly with the wind. And reach up and up, over hills and towns, just like in his drawings.

Now they drove over FRENCH MOUNTAIN. He drew faces in cars beside them.

“Some visitors come from all over the world,” said Dad.

Troy drew places where they stopped to rest. There were flowers and observation signs and valleys far below. He could see a waterfall poking from the trees, and it too became part of his drawings.

His rocks on the side of the road looked like silver dollars.

The next sign said, FISHING COVE. Troy drew a path for hikers.

“It’s too far for us to walk there,” Dad said.

They drove into ST. MARGARET'S VILLAGE. The hills were shaped like green ice cream cones. Troy drew telephone poles that marched like soldiers across a rocky ridge.

One of his fancy drawings was a place called, “KELTIC LODGE.” Its driveway went between tall birch trees. And he painted them a bright white.

“Dad,” Troy said, “I’m getting tired. Okay if I stop drawing, for awhile?”

“Okay,” said Dad.

They drove into ST. ANNE'S HARBOUR, a small village with a lobster restaurant. Dad said, “This is where we’ll stay tonight.”
Troy was too tired to answer, but he did wish to go fishing. Children were at the river, using long fishing poles. Soon, he had new friends.

They showed him all their fish. WOW! Troy even caught a mackerel.

Then, Dad said, “We have to go.” He had to carry his sleepy son. Troy didn’t want to be a seagull anymore. He just wanted to be himself, Troy, a tired boy.

After brushing his teeth he painted a sunset. Troy wanted to remember everything before he went home tomorrow.

He and Dad knelt together for nighttime prayers. “Thank you for today,” they said. Troy couldn’t wait to show mom his drawings.

And tell her about the fun he had with Dad, on CAPE BRETON ISLAND!

* * *

© Richard & Esther Provencher 2009
All Rights Reserved