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Please- No Live Bunnies or Chicks for Easter

Story ID:4893
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
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I'm so glad that Jan of Catholic Concern for Animals forwarded me the
Humane Society of the US's -"ANIMALS AND RELIGION" site. I had been
aware of it before, but forgot to subscribe. I personally was unable to prick
in even small ways the consciences of the pope, bishops, priests, and religious
generally re the cruelty inflicted by so many of us on the animal population.
But I am grateful that where I and others like myself may have failed, internet
sites like this one may succeed in hopefully helping the hierarchy and
Christians to really SEE the kind, loving, and humane Jesus. How can He be
otherwise? While on earth He preached peace, love, and compassion. Would
a compassionate God add a caveat - but only for humans?

The HSUS religion site this day was captioned "In the Spirit of Easter, Be Humane
and Honor Creation." And then they launched into an appropriate quote from the
Bible: And He said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the
whole CREATION." (Mark 16:15) Sadly, so many Christians reading the word
"creation" believe it only refers to humans. If they do, than they may need to use
the dictionary more often.

Then they offered 4 tips and no one should be surprised re the first: "LOVE
BUNNIES? MAKE YOURS CHOCOLATE." Somehow, we can't seem to get the word
out to families that adopting live bunnies for their children at Easter time is
usually very unkind and often even traumatic for the bunnies. After Easter- so
many of them are relinquished to shelters-- adding an additional burden on them.
They are already filled to capacity with the many other homeless animals needing
a good home.

If they would take the time to do their research on pet rabbits, they will find them
labor intensive. They and live baby chicks have no place at Easter time in homes-
unless they are made of marshmellow or chocolate. And preferably dark chocolate
which is considered the healthy chocolate. As for the marshmellow -we vegans
will have to look for the ones which are not made with gelatin. Almost impossible-
though I understand that a Jewish manufacturer does make marshmellow without
gelatin -which of course, is made from pig skin or tissue.

And re eschewing milk chocolate for the dark -- the less we indulge with anything
made with milk, the healthier we probably will be. And the big, big bonus with
decreased consumption of milk products may well be the dissolution of the huge
milk dairy factories where cows are imprisoned. Their crime - our insatiable need
to have milk and dairy products.

Those celebrities sporting milk mutaches must have not done their homework.
And if you think milk is necessary for strong bones - then why do we have so many
cases of osteoporosis in the U.S.? Yes, we do need calcium- but milk is probably not
the best way to get it into our diet. The Milk Dairy Industry continues to con us
into believing we need a lot of dairy. Thankfully, the medical community is
beginning to disagree.

though the traditional Easter basket has eggs- people of compassion may want
to change this tradition as well as an Easter egg hunt or roll. If they will take
the time to consider that there are 280 million laying hens in the US who are
confined inside tiny battery cages on factory farms where they will spend their
whole lives -they may decide that compassion supercedes tradition. One day
hopefully enough people will realize this, and the owners of egg-laying chicken
cruelty will revert to the humane treatment of chickens again. And I do believe
in ANTHROPOMORPHIZING (ascribing human qualities to animals). More and
more we are seeing how much they react like us. Enter this word in the
internet and you will find accounts of it there. So I ask -how would you like to
be a chicken in one of those horrible cages? Anyone with the least bit of
compassion would understand their terrible plight. I hate to see any living
being caged. God made all of us in a free state - including the animals. I know
that He would hope that we extend this kindness to other living beings--
especially to our food animals who do not threaten us.

The third tip pertains to those special people who fasted during Lent and the
one is too difficult for most people. In fact, I don't know anyone among my family
and friends who are vegan like me. However, of all the decisions I have made
in my 3 score plus years, this is one I have not regretted.

If you can't be vegan --they offer a doable tip: "Challenge yourself to continue
a personal journey to incorporate more vegetarian fare in your diet --and know
that each time you do, you are helping animals who suffer on factory farms."
HSUS even offers help by way of a documentary entitled "EATING MERCIFULLY"
which is a Christian perspective re factory farming. You can request a free
DVD in this regard.

And the fourth and last tip excited me. I had briefly heard about "THE GREEN
BIBLE" on the ABC Nightly news before, and now at this site I learned more about
this book. Despite my reluctance in buying books which languish on my book
shelf -- hopefully, I will buy the $30 bible and read it. This "bible"..."highlights
scripture from its environmental perspectives, including caring for the animals.
It includes more than 1,000 references, verses, and passages related to the earth."
I truly hope that it reaches the hands of anyone who wants to grow in the knowledge
and love of God and his green creation.