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Good-bye Princess

Story ID:5013
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Lakewood Ohio Usa
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For those who might have read "To Princess - With Love" I have sent
this sad update to friends and family. Maybe some on Our Echo were
following this small story of Princess and will understand my feelings
now that she is no more. I'm sure many of you have experienced the
same feelings- either with your beloved companion animals, family or
friends. For me, my companion animals are family. They may be for
you too.

On Sunday May 3rd, 2009, I sent this e-mail out:

Dearest Princess - I wanted so much to say "so long," but sadly it will
be a long time before I see your beautiful face again with its warm
green eyes. This afternoon I held you against me because I realized
you had been in one position for far too long. We were on the couch
together - you and I and it was so nice having you so close to me on this
beautiful May day that I fell asleep holding you. It was sometime during
this very close and precious experience that your soul left your body. When
I awoke from my nap -you were gone. I think you purposely waited for this
time so that you could go without my knowing it- but happy that I was holding
you when you finally did leave this earth.

I could not help but be glad and incredibly sad at the same time. I wanted a
miracle - I wanted you to be vibrant, vivacious, and well again. But God didn't
give me this miracle. However, I was very happy that your suffering was over.
I always look at the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 13th station when I see her
holding her beloved dead son. She is incredibly sad, but then I'm sure she was
very happy that Jesus' sufferings and pain were over. That's the way I looked
at your lifeless body, Princess. I would not have you suffer one minute longer.

And as I looked at you on the couch beside me I whispered to---
Martin, Cleo, George, Millie, Indy, Zak, Peter, Lily, Swale, Ebeneezer,
Big Boy, Farah, Angel, Oliver, Chrissie, Ginger, Jason, Lonnie, Heather,
Friskie, Jasmine, Callie and her 3 kittens: Mizho, Bozo, and Coco, Thaddeus,
Pippi, Bootsie and Francis to welcome you "home." I know that they can't do
so yet. We will all have to wait until the end of the world when God will bring
back and restore that which was. I look forward then to seeing you all again.
To some I will have to say I am sorry that I didn't always treat you well. Please
forgive me and I already know you have.

My beloved Peaches and the rest of our dog family who have also died will be
there to greet you as well. They are: Patti, Shana, Angel, Tina, and Muffin.

(According to Catholic teaching our souls leave our bodies and they will once
more be united to our bodies at the end of the world when God restores that
which was. I certainly hope that means that we will see all our beautiful animal
companions again. I also love the sentiments of the Rainbow Bridge, and if
that is what really happens - I will be very glad.)

I love you all and thank God for having given me your lives to take care
of- some for a very short time, but you are all precious reflections of the
creative hand of God. I am blessed to have had you as part of my family for
whatever time you were with me.

Now my attempt at poetry. You won't believe that English was my minor.
Poetry never really made it big with me. I think it takes a special gift
which I clearly don't have. However, some thoughts about Princess. Is
this poetry? Haven't a clue.

My Calico Princess

I miss seeing a flash of vibrant color
Orange, brown, black and white.
A Joseph's coat in the animal world.
God only lent you to me for 8 small
I wish I had known.

I miss your soft, loving and warm green eyes
They seem to penetrate my soul.
Could you have talked, we might have
both treasured your brief stay.
I wish I had known.

You were probably in kidney failure weeks
How could I have not seen the signs of it?
Too busy with "things" that don't always
Wish I had known.

But this I do know - you will always have
a spot in my heart - along with your many
brothers and sisters
Who will greet you if they can.