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A Disappointing Oprah

Story ID:5021
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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By now everyone has heard of the estimated 40,000 chickens who were
slaughtered as a KFC promotion as a "gift" from Oprah. How sad that the gift
is covered in blood. I wish that she had visited the house of horrors where
chickens are cruelly dispatched before making this giveaway.

(Please note that I used the word "who" above instead of "which" when referring
to the chickens. Despite what grammarians have taught us - animals are not
things - they are living, breathing individuals who have gender and basic
needs similar to our own).

Oprah certainly doesn't need my endorsement- though I had been one of her
admirers on different levels. I still remember vividly the show in which was
shown a Muslim woman being stoned to death because she was caught in
adultery. Buried in the ground with only her head visible, stones were hurled
at her head until she expired. Can you feel her pain? I think many of us did.
Thank you Oprah for this show which alerted us to how cruelly man can be
even to his own.

I was so happy when one of your shows exposed the cruelty of puppy mills. It
seems it takes us an awfully long time to get the message through by newsletter
or press features, but your national TV exposure certainly brought this horror
right into the homes of people who were watching your show. We hope that
those people we couldn't reach and who had kept on buying puppies from pet
shops which were supplied by the puppy mills finally got the message. For 30
years I was aware of this horror. I hope after the show millions more were.
Thank you Oprah.

On one show Oprah even had a lovely lady who brought the concept of cleansing
our bodies with a vegan diet for a period of time. Of course, we vegans were happy
that this idea was at least explored and covered for those who might be receptive
to it. Thank you Oprah.

And just recently a program contrasting normal happy raising of chickens, cows,
and pigs with the horrors of the CAFOs. We were elated that at last - again a
national exposure which we hoped would help to turn things around for the animals
or at least plant the seed for the eventual demise of the CAFOs. We thought and
hoped that you were with us in our hope for the natural raising of animals, but
it seems not in view of the KFC giveaway. There is nothing natural or kind re the
way KFC chickens are raised and slaughtered. But we thank you though for at
least airing this much needed view of how farm animals are raised today and
how much better they can be raised in a longed for tomorrow.

I believe now that you probably were not moved by the sad pictures of sows
enclosed in pens - unable to move - forced to endure the smell of their own
excrement. You were probably not moved either by chickens packed into tiny
cages even unable to spread their wings as chickens naturally do. By your
giveaway, other thousands more chickens will now inhabit the prison cages
vacated by those who gave their lives probably in a cruel fashion for your
giveaway. Don't take my word. Visit a chicken processing plant and you will be

I hope that one day you may rue this decision as had the Ancient Mariner who
wantonly killed an albatross. His fellow sailors -so angered by this cruel and
unnecessary killing decided to hang the albatross around his neck. Sadly, the
sailors die one by one from lack of water in a becalmed sea. Only the Ancient
Mariner survives and is finally forgiven when he spies a group of water snakes
swimming close to the ship. He now says to the once objects of revulsion: "O
Happy living things! No tongue/Their beauty might declare/ A spring of love
gushed from my heart/ and I blessed them....."

In his poem -Samuel Coleridge saves the Ancient Mariner who the rest of his
life repeats many times:

He prayeth best, who loveth best
Both men and bird and beast.
He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us,
He made and loveth all.

I will no longer watch Oprah's programs because I cannot support anyone who
I know is either directly or indirectly suportive of animal cruelty. I would have no
objection is she had spent her money to feed the hungry -but clearly hungry
people don't need to eat chicken from KFC. I hope many others will also refrain
from watching Oprah because we would be sending a message to her that we will
stand up for the chickens abused by KFC even if she doesn't.