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WHISPER HIS NAME prayers & poems

Story ID:5024
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 2B2 Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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E-mail: richardprov1@netscape.net
URL: http://writers.ns.ca/Writers/rprovencher.html

Copyright © 2009---Richard L. Provencher

May these Prayers & Poems bring a measure of Peace,
Love, and Forgiveness into your personal lives. Amen.

This book is dedicated to:
Mrs. Dorothy Ogden & Mrs. Mildred Provencher---both
deceased Mothers of Esther & Richard L. Provencher


A Child of God
A Christian Boy
A God-Loving Senior
A Letter to Heaven
A Nursing-Home Grandma
A Precious Mother
A Sick Friend
A Spiritual Banquet
A Stroke Survivor
A Wandering Daughter
A Wandering Son
A World Revival
At the Cross
Birth of a Child
Bless the Children
Chasing the Spirit
Chinese Earthquake Victims
Conversation with God
For All Who Search
Forgive Me Father
Forgiveness for All
Gather Them In
God is on Our Side
God’s Revelation
God’s Park
He Loves Me and You
I Do
I Thank You, Lord, Son and Holy Spirit
In Potter’s Field
Our Family
Race Car Driver
Whisper His Name
Will Heaven be Like Strawberries


A Child of God

Tap-tapping like drum beats
from a cautious
march, the boy’s pale face
follows my steps
his cane meandering side
to side through the aisle, and
I watch

hummingbird fingers poke
at the shelves. He
listens to the crinkle of a
spaghetti package
chin uplifted, grinning like
a monkey

mom’s proud of her
son, turned ten today and
‘born again’
during last Sunday’s service.


A Christian Boy

Lug a bag of loose bones
to the bookstore, so
grown-ups can notice
those secret shapes.

My teacher told me
when you are young
you’ll have weird ideas
on what is fun for
growing boys.

Pickles and pigeons, even
roaring lions make my
nose nervous, but
karate kicks help me

especially when I want to
kick the devil in the face.


A God-Loving Senior

“Those who become Christians become new persons.
They are not the same anymore, for the old life is
gone. A new life has begun.” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT)

Father God, continue to support my limbs, my mind
and my attitude about life. Let me have discernment
that I may remember my grandchildren, my family
and view those pictures with a smile, in spite of nasty
past distractions. Let me wheel my chair in happiness
across sidewalks, push a grocery cart with glee, walk
in surety and above all greet strangers with good
thoughts. My life has not been a bed of roses, yet You
were always with me, and I thank you for the times
Your shoulders carried this person, ungrateful in difficult
moments, unforgiving during weak episodes, but
returning to your fold with vigor. May my remaining
days on this earth you created be filled with a
continuing love I have in my heart for all, that I may
dance to the tune of your salvation, forever and ever.


A Letter to Heaven
(for Carrie)

My Dear Mom,
I’m having a good time here, but miss you.
At night I still cry. You know, about
What happened, the past
And what should have been said, or done.
But, you know all about that.

Since you left, we really miss your
Arms surrounding, kisses on my cheek
The warmth of you…yet I know you’re in a
Precious place with my Jesus and yours.

It must be so nice up there, right?
The same down here, really, with my husband
And baby and my family that loves me.
They’re so patient with me…like you used to be.
I sure miss you.

A word was spoken to me recently, about how
God watches over me. He worries about me, you know.
Like you used to do. And this person said my Jesus
Wants me to forgive, not forget, but FORGIVE
Anyone who hurt you, and me, you know who.

And guess what mom? I will, I do.
And I know My Jesus is happy about that.
I have so much to live for and there
Is much happiness that greets me each day.
This burden on my heart can be
Replaced with joy.

I have to go now. Jesus wants me to give a huge
Hug to my baby, and my husband.
God’s plan is now shining
Through me.

Love, from Me.


A Nursing-Home Grandma

“My purpose is to give life in all
its fullness.” (John 10:10 NLT)

Once again footfalls from family members
travel well-worn halls, past wheel-chairs
lined against walls, past aged cheeks
and haunting eyes; not so many years ago
grandma baby-sat me, danced at my
graduation, and reminded me to recite
daily prayers. Her life is a garden
of joyful noise; she is my scented rose.
Sometimes I wish it was more the way it
was. Not to be since this is her new home.
During our visit we listen, as her own
memories come whispering. God love her.


A Precious Mother

“God has planted eternity in the
human heart.” (Eccl. 3:11 NLT)

We love her Father, she’s like Mary, the
mother of your son, a twinkle in her eye
yet knowing how much her son would
suffer for us. Our mother is so much
like her, caring, worrying, and knowing
she does her best even though we
do not appreciate her the way we should.
“One day when you are a parent,” she
says, “You will understand the love
I have for you, my child. And this
knowledge is almost overwhelming.
Protect her, Father, as our love grows. .


A Sick Friend

“I am praying that all is well with you and
that your body is as healthy as I know your
soul is.” (3 John 1:2 NLT)

Dear Jesus, you are Jehovah Raphe, our
Healer, who watches over us in our daily
walk and who supervises our thoughts and
actions. Allow us to pray fervently for those
citizens who are also part of your Kingdom,
those who follow your Word, who seek Your
counsel and are infirmed at this moment. We
beseech You to restore their health, to return
them to their duties in life, especially for loved
ones who depend on them for sustenance,
encouragement and direction. May Your
precious touch instill in them a return to full
recovery, removing pain and limitations of any
kind. Allow the sweetness of your mercy to
transcend their difficulties so they are healed.


A Spiritual Banquet

Our canoe allows a feast of pleasure
its sleek hull an arrow
piercing the stillness of a greater plan
as reflections shunted
from stately trees where cozy cottages
are a ring of jewels

this lake created from cups of freshwater
a sanctuary from grasping
life, woes and errs of human contact
left behind. We step up to Nature's
table and absorb these vegetables
tempting us

birth of a baby-blue sky,
shush of quiet ripples against
our fiber glass prow, the thrill of a
loon's lament. We hold firmly
to these moments-

dip of cherry wood paddle, our
J-strokes moving us forward
to future feasts.


A Stroke Survivor

“Let us run with endurance the race that
God has set before us.” (Heb. 12:1 NLT)

Oh God, thank you for my life, in spite of
the limiting movements in my body, remove
the fear I see in the eyes of my family and
other precious ones; their pain at what I
am experiencing. Allow these dormant limbs
a recovery which will astound those who do
do believe in the power of prayer, and agree
with those who do. Let my mind be renewed
in the solitude we have together, and my
thoughts be precious, filled with love, forgiving
and view the future with grateful eyes. And let
me dance with feet bathed in Salvation that
I may come to know thee even more my Lord.


A Wandering Daughter

“Love means doing what God has
commanded us, and He has commanded
us to love one another.” (2 John 1:6 NLT)

Father God, help me to understand youth
especially a strong-willed daughter,
one who does not understand the love
of her parents, one who does not realize
the world can be a cage for her innocence,
and attempts to change her from a scent
of beauty into something repulsive, that takes
away self-worth, a vision of her true
future and the admiration of family, who
desire she return to love and acceptance.
Let me hold you once more, dear daughter
of my life, you are cherished and loved.


A Wandering Son

“And forgive us our sins just as
we have forgiven those who sinned
against us.” (Matt. 6:12 NLT)

Do not allow a bushel basket to
cover any forgiving hearts, but
allow us to thrust it aside and allow
our true selves be released, to
overcome thoughts of unloving and
unforgiveness, to set it free to rise
above our personal troubles, to
set it free to encompass all those
to whom nasty thoughts were once
directed. Come home, son, as Jesus
returned to His Father. Come home
and let us forgive each other.


A World Revival

“Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about
everything. Tell God what you need, and thank
Him for all He has done.” (Philippians 4:6 NLT)

Jesus, we seek you in all we do, wishing to
fulfill the vision you have for us, directing our
path, allowing us to eagerly forgive others,
not accept any offenses directed by the enemy
of our faith, and to live each day with love,
sincerity and a willingness to participate in
helping this world be a better place, through
prayer and good deeds. May our prayers
be as fruitful as leaves, and may we have a
boldness to go into the malls, and display
the gifts you give us, to create a longing from
shoppers who are focused on materialistic
urges, and allow the fruit of the spirit to dwell
in their heart of hearts, forever and a day.


At the Cross

Light is beginning to sink upon
the night, a redemptive
pain and sadness as
righteousness is swept aside

they tormented Him, our Jesus
shamed Him, scourged
and defiled His kindness, words
designed for our salvation.

Now He lifts His head to
the Father, not yet from the cross, but
on His knees in Gethsemane
awaiting the kiss of Judas.
“Not my will, but Yours,” He intones

and rising to His feet prepares
for the journey of our redemption.
He will represent the sins
of our existence and exchange
His life for our salvation.



Chasing the Spirit

Wrapped inside an avenue
of ringing bells
and colourful decorations
a homeless man
crosses his heart with pain
heels wearing thin
each step groaning across
another block
both bags of donated
clothes heavy
hunger gnawing as he
joins a flood of Christmas joy
pretends he’s part of the
shoes slapping heart pounding
stomach aching
bags lighter with each new fantasy.


Birth of a Child

I felt a cradle
in my hand
a gift from God,
he came by night.


Bless The Children

Play in your snow fort
sword swirling, hand active
with snowball’s toss

readying for a second
frontal assault

dreaming of being a knight
as you parade
across our parking lot.

Grandpa had dreams too.
Now he’s in a nursing home
not so far away--

today’s pills bring rest and
fading memories.


Chinese Earthquake Victims

“God is able to accomplish infinitely more than
we would ever dare to ask or hope.” (Eph. 3:20 NLT)

Father God: May you look with a kindness
and understanding on tearful faces from
millions of men and women in China who
have suffered terribly in the loss of loved ones
during this terrible earthquake. We follow
diligently the brave and helpful way soldiers
and citizen volunteers are working together to
try and rescue as many displaced families
as possible. Our prayers and thoughts rise
as sweet-sounding doves, in peaceful intentions.
May humanity also come together on bended knee
from ALL faiths participating in human kindness
and consideration. Please help us grow closer to
one another in a quest for world peace during this
time of human suffering in the land called China.


Conversation with God

Why did you do so much for me?

Because I wanted to.

It’s hard for me to understand things.

That is why I provided you with insight.


No buts. Simply put
at all times follow your heart. After all
I gave you a conscience.

Life has been a struggle.

Yet with encouragement you have overcome.

Thank you for carrying me when I fell.

It’s my job to protect.

thank you for everything.

You’re welcome.

I love you


For All Who Search

My ray of sunshine
rises above troubles, provides
comfort to those snared
by loneliness, or discouragement

I am succour to you, food
and shelter for those seekers
of truths. Perhaps I
can add strengths as my

paintbrush of experience
erases your woes,
colours over failures, salves
your inner self.

My flame of hope is a promise
of love and understanding,
my weapon is peace.


Forgive Me Father

For the times I took Your Name
in vain. For the lies which erupted
from my lips along with impatience
with family and friends. For the many
indiscretions along the road of life and
times I did not trust Your Word.
For the fear held upon my chest
and intolerance for those not quite
up to my artificial standards. And
yet I know how much You love
me in spite of my shortcomings. The
forgiveness You shine upon my soul
is more than enlightenment. Thank You
Father. Thank You Father. Thank You.


Forgiveness For All

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus
is Lord and believe in your heart that God
raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”
(Romans 10:9 NLT)

Father God, on bended knee I ask for
forgiveness for all unjustly and unkind
words I have spoken against family,
friends, even strangers. May your loving
kindness accept my petition of remorse,
my tears of shame, my memory of guilt.
Release me from the hurts I inflicted,
my jaundiced eye, a misspoken word,
the innuendoes, erratic gossip and
uncontrolled anger inflicted in a moment
of careless abandon, of mischievous nature.
Now I sense Your release and forgiveness
placed on my heart, an energy renewed
and I thank you for a new day, Father God.


Gather Them In

Seated in comfortable
pews, wedding
guests await

hankies at the ready
as Pastor’s words
reach love’s richest moment

“I now pronounce you,
man and wife.”

In his back row view
one is silent, and alone

not long ago he too
stood on the threshold
of promised vows.


God is on our Side

I’ve seen the face of despair
the bone-crunching, spirit-draining
moments of chaos,
I’ve been there.

I’ve experienced the numbing sensations
of emotion-crumbling, sorrow-filled
days of anguish,
I’ve been there.

The tears of love from a parent,
the cries of torment for
a loved one
the why? and how come it happened?
I’ve been there.

Yes, I’ve seen the face of Satan
trying to turn man against wife,
son against son
but I know we’ll win this raging war,
God is on our side.


God’s Park

Dexter cows are mooing in the
pasture, the herd of
them snacking on hay and
sloshing aside the slough

where ducks gobble flotsam and
six llamas raise snouts
admiring the surroundings.

Green grass, September’s scudding sky
branches within reach, poplar
leaves teasing appetites;
blending animal, earth, sky.

And somewhere up there, God
is smiling.

Not far away donkeys trot in single file,
a horse grazing nearby, two
ruffed grouse strutting proudly, and
an eagle shuffling feathers

accepting thermals lifting this marvellous
creature to greater heights.

Now God has a very large grin as He
travels in a burst of brilliant
light from one creation to another

weaving layers of goodness one
upon another.


God’s Revelation

Nature is a wind of passion
among the pines

a chorus within reflecting blue,
beauty that combines
with an eagle’s
soar, king of movement in
his outdoor realm.

God provides truths in a
sanctuary of peace,
His dreams as echoes of awe.



is the one to whom I turn
when time has ripened
my failures, falling
into the abyss of
despair, where those
threaten me, overwhelm

Then He gathers me
into His arms
as grasses accept cool
moisture, assuages my soul
renews my innermost
being, reminding me His love
lasts forever.

He is the Creator for tomorrow
forgiver of past errors, and
I am humbled, in awe at
His kindness
the thought of a mere mortal
still precious in the eyes
of my Saviour

and lifting arms in thankfulness
accept His forgiveness
and love.


He Loves Me and You.

“Give all your worries and cares to
God, for He cares about what
happens to you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NLT)

When I saw the face of Jesus
it was a hologram of love. Creases
on His brow displayed a passion
for me, His eyes striking the exterior
of my worldliness, His thoughts
penetrating my soul, the inner me
salved by His concern for the missing
fire in my belly, disturbed by wrongs, my
unforgiveness nesting in a comfortable
rut of sinfulness. As He prayed for me
I fell to my knees in submission knowing
He forgives me. He knows this heart
and wants me to rise above my failings
to fulfill the life He has prepared for me.


He Loves Me. Me.

When I saw the face of Jesus
it was a hologram of love, creases
on His brow displayed a passion
for me, His eyes striking the
exterior of my worldliness, His love
penetrating my soul, the inner me
salved by His concern and the fire
in my belly disturbing wrongs and
unforgiveness resting in a nest of
sinfulness. Then He prayed for me
and I fell to my knees in an
act of submission knowing He
truly forgives me. He knows my
heart. He wants me to rise above
my sorrows, to fulfill the
vision He has prepared. He loves me.


I Do

In Nova Scotia the Margaree
Valley is a tease of winding twists, a
clinging lover.

Clusters of birch crowd their
beauty alongside
Cabot Trail’s highway
encourages picnics, cool
at Ingonish and
later, lasting kisses.

Soon two families join
together as rosebuds on the
matrimonial cake,
decorated sandwiches and
tables with pickles, other treats
adding to the occasion.

Then we whispered, “I do
until death do us part,”
the sanctity of our wedding.

During the night love’s
enchantment overcame shy smiles,
sunrise allowing an embrace of
coupled blessings.


I Thank You, Lord, Son and Holy Spirit

The rain comes calling
and I spot between raindrops
paths of history
the journey behind me
lost opportunities, hesitations and
where friends and events surrounded me.
And yet I know how
much You loved me, Lord. Your
ways sought me out
angels protected me
during storms and misadventures.
There were times You carried
me high on Your shoulders.
I thank You for that.
Rains come and weather flows.
Yet you are a constant companion
in my life. I thank You.
Lord of Heaven, who sent a Son to heal
me. Me. And the Holy Spirit remains
to guide me. Amen. Amen.



“I am praying that all is well with you and
that your body is as healthy as I know your
soul is.” (3 John 1:2 NLT)

Dear Jesus, you are Jehovah Raphe, our
Healer, who watches over us in our daily
walk and who supervises our thoughts and
actions. Allow us to pray fervently for Jessie
who is also part of your Kingdom. He is
a child who follows your Word, seeks Your
counsel and is infirmed at this moment. We
beseech You to restore his health, to return
him to his duties in life, especially for those
who love him and depend on him for
encouragement and cheerfulness. May Your
precious touch instill in Jessie a return to full
recovery, removing pain and limitations of any
kind. Allow the sweetness of your mercy to
transcend all difficulties so he is fully healed.


Our Family

Thank you Father God for Your
many blessings. For my precious wife,
children, siblings and grandchildren.
May they come to appreciate the full
measure of your Love. The many times
You will carry them on Your shoulders
the moments when You remain
nearby as You wait patiently with
fingers crossed as they make critical
decisions. For you are the God of
choice. You desire us to praise
and honour You. We desire with
Your guideposts from Biblical Words
a pathway along the straight and
narrow in this world which at times
discourages and harasses our good
intentions. But You never give up on us.


Race Car Driver

Grown up hot wheels
race asphalt-spaced lines
passing slower-vehicles

115 km/h our traffic speed
not a legal 100 otherwise how
could anyone make it to
Hamilton on the 401
for spaghetti supper at 5 pm?

Cruising from Kingston
to Napanee past geese-flapping
flocks of V’s past horses

grazing on early shoots of green.
Stares from window lookers
at the Esso turnoff during our
respite easily see I am
the only praying passenger.



Lord - we bring this tithe to You in love
joy and honor. Thank You for all
You’ve done to deliver us
provide for us and minister to us.
We receive by faith
the blessing of Abraham that is ours
through You. We declare we are
joint heirs with You - Jesus
and we accept Your blessings.


Whisper His Name

Jesus. While on Gethsemane the apostles
slumbered. Awoke to watch him captured
by the Romans; Jesus, their master. The wind
filling their ears, the end to come as He foretold
at the Last Supper. Betrayal. He is the Great Physician
who set the blind free. He healed the sick and
brought peace to those afflicted. After
the scourging His death was followed by Resurrection.
Good News and the world was never the same.
He is alive.


Will Heaven be like Strawberries

where ripened fruit hang
in globes of
juice, their tang a tease
for taste buds lonesome and
vacant, except for the hand
of strength
that plucked them?

Will Heaven be waiting for
our presence
in body and spirit as our days
come to a close
clouds serene

the wind at rest, final sleep so
as we arrive at that
place in humble attire with
empty baskets
full of expectation, passing through
Gates of Redemption
with songs in holy praise to our
Lord and King?

And He fills our needs
with grapes of
plucked by His hand
and we do share
in the bounty of His supply.

· * * *

Note: I sincerely hope that these Holy Spirit inspired words touched your heart and perhaps mobilized you into action. Live properly, possess humility and pray as a family often.

My wife, Esther and I, enjoy sharing our writing, and we have three novels with www.synergebooks.com. One of them is called “Into the Fire.” The overriding theme is one day Jesus is taken fishing by his Father, and their time together is one glowing occasion.

In the book this image affects one lonely boy and his father who is not very happy. Then something special takes place. The direct link for this novel is below:

INTO THE FIRE - Troy and dad deal with a car accident that killed mom. The direct link for this Fantasy-Adventure is: http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_intothefire.html