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Story ID:5150
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Only Here
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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Last week an email popped up from "Chicken Soup for the Soul". They are considering one
of my stories for one of their books to be published this fall.

I signed the contract and fax'd it back to them
right away.

That night, I was sending an email to my E-zine,
telling them about the email.

As I was typing it, I received another email. "Cup Of Comfort" was considering another story of

How often does that happen to a writer of

"Cup of Comfort" and "Chicken Soup" emailing in the same day?

I was shocked!

The next morning, I checked the mailbox.
We hadn't gathered it the day before.
There was a letter from Chicken Soup. They
had a second story of mine under consideration
for a different book they are publishing.
(They sent it snail-mail, because I submitted
it so long ago, my email and phone numbers
had changed)

Three contracts in one day!

Sadly, after discussions with the editor at
"Cup of Comfort", it was mutually agreed that
the story they wanted had been too widely used for them
to publish again. It's my signature story and
has been published many times and will soon
be translated into four new languages.
On a good note, I made a great contact at Cup of Comfort for future submissions. (Always look at
the good side)

I now wait to see if I make the final cut with Chicken Soup.

Never give up!
I have submitted stories to Chicken Soup off-and-on
for more than ten years. I learned and grew and now am in the final running - twice.
Work! Work! Work!
If can happen.