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July - a Month of Anniversaries

Story ID:5257
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
Person:Neil Armstrong
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On July 20th we will be observing the 40th-year anniversay of the moon walk.
Did you know that there had been discussions about what Neil should say at
this momentous time in history? Finally, they let it be up to him. I was a
little troubled when he said ... a small step for man and a huge leap for
mankind. Really it sounded redundant to me - a step for man -- a leap for
mankind is really the same thing. It seems that I was correct in wondering.
Then later he realized that he had meant to say a small step for A man - probably
meaning himself- but a huge step for mankind. Yes, that made more sense. I
was surprised that it had bothered me originally until I read this recently. He
said that he meant to put the "a" before man and wish it now to be placed there
in parenthesis.

Then I also read that it was usually customary for the second in command
to disembark in strange territory. That would have meant the history- making
step would have been Buzz Aldrin's. Somehow, I can't remember why - but they
decided instead that Neil would be the first one out. For a guy of few words but
great space skills - I was glad that this Ohioan got the nod.

Then for me and family - today is the 38th anniversary of our mother's death.
She died on July 19, 1971. Entering the church this morning for Sunday Mass,
I was so pleased to hear her favorite Marian hymn being sung. Don't tell me it
was a coincidence. By my reckoning it was not, because I haven't heard this
hymn sung recently at all. Of course, maybe I missed hearing it because I'm
not always on time, but for me - mom made this request from heaven!

I read an article on MSNBC this morning that said it almost doesn't matter what
kind of diet you're on - whether low carb, protein-based, fat-based, vegetarian,
etc. - as long as you're eating WHOLE FOODS - then you can lose weight. The
only diet which will not work is one based on SUGAR. Okay, I'll buy that - it
makes sense. So many of us have been eating too many processed foods and not
nearly enough whole foods. Take a look at your grocery cart the next time you
shop. How many boxes and cans are in it? How many fresh veggies and fruits
are in it? I bet there is more than you should have of boxed cookies, crackers,
Rice a Roni, etc. But remember this is about losing weight. What about health?
I'll go with a vegetarian or vegan diet based on whole foods any time. If you don't
know by now that too much meat and dairy is not good for us, then I guess you will
never know.

Today my "little" salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions grew by leaps and bounds.
I decided that my left-over cooked string beans with Tofu sour cream and salsa
should be added. Then I had a couple of cooked potatoes which I often add to my
salads- so I cubed them and added them. And not least of all - I added a cut-up
avocado. Of course, I then sprinkled the salad with some Italian dressing. I found
this odd mixture delicious. And guess what - it was made principally from WHOLE
FOODS with the exception of the sour cream, salsa, and Italian dressing. Sometimes
I -like many of you make my own salad dressing, and I can even make sour cream
from tofu if I wanted to, but still and all - this was pretty much a wholesome meal-
principally made from WHOLE FOODS. But then my braggadocio has to stop. I also
ate a processed vegan "chicken" patty on a bun. Well, I still think I did pretty well.
How about you?

How easy to get into bad habits. I read that coffee is good for you - so I've been
brewing way too many pots and neglecting to brew my green tea. Well, I also read
that coffee is a diuretic - and who needs to make more pit stops than normal? So,
I decided I don't need that and it's back to the tea pot for me and definitely using
the green tea which has a lot of health-giving properties. I will drink a couple of
cups of coffee daily -but I'm back to being principally a green tea drinker and am
happy to find it so delicious AGAIN.