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Thoughts on Health Care

Story ID:5262
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
Person:Pres. Obama
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I didn't watch Pres. Obama's speech on our healthcare system last night. Why?
Probably because I would not understand all the ramifications and implications
concerning it anyway. I find some people getting all hot and bothered over
it and I don't want to join their company.

But then how can I possibly make an informed decision re it? Well, I'll tell you -
I wonder sometimes if people watch the same TV news as I. I have come to
distrust a whole lot of people - including members of Congress, CEO's of drug
and health insurance companies and politicians generally. It is my belief that
they DON'T WANT ANY CHANGES to our health care system. The ones with
profit motives think they may lose millions and millions of dollars if we do enact
changes they don't want.

Having worked for city government and I emphasize the word "worked," I
still am naive in my senior years when I hear about corruption in it. In this
regard it is currently happening in my county which is being called to task for
what has become a thorn in my side. Someone was finally caught for fanagling
a cushy well-paying job for the payment of a monetary kick back. So many of us
worked hard for low-paying jobs- so that when you hear something like this -it is
distressing to say the least.

I can't believe that people who are probably Christian feel no compunction
in taking our hard-earned tax money and using it for their own selfish purposes.
Also in the past 5 years we have heard names of CEOs who have pillaged their
own companies sending them into bankruptcy and causing the loss of jobs. We
have heard of some Congressional members accepting lavish forbidden gifts
and money and rightly being censured and losing their jobs.

So, in the case of health reform - I can't help but believe that the persons who
are advocating against it are probably the drug and insurance companies. I
believe that they are the ones who are making people worry that their premiums
will go up and their health benefits go down. Of course, I don't know and my
apologies if I am rash judging.

Personally, for me who has seen a doctor only once in the past 5 years, I am
not concerned if I will lose some of my benefits as long as if I get a serious
illness - I won't lose my home to pay the astronomical costs which I understand
has happened to some people. Just this week on the TV news I heard that this
is a common cause of some bankruptcies. We shouldn't have to pay these huge
medical bills if we have the right kind of health care in the U.S.

I know our system is based on the taking of a lot of pharmaceutical drugs and
these companies want us to keep on taking these often expensive drugs even
though some of them have serious side effects. My drugs of choice--fruits and
veggies as well as any supplements or vitamins I think I need. Hopefully, our
doctors are beginning to realize that food is medicine and we should definitely
cut back on meat, dairy, and processed foods if we want to be healthy. Diabetes,
cancer, and heart problems are all directly related to our diets and are causing
millions if not billions of dollars of health care costs each year. And some
companies are finally beginning to realize this. Some are now providing
healthier meals in their cafeterias and making available opportunities for their
employees to exercise.

Some people are worried about "socialized" medicine. I really don't know what
that is but if it means I no longer will have a "favorite" doctor - that's fine with
me. I never had one anyway. If it means that the poor will also get medical
attention - I think that's great. I consider that of paramount importance.
If I'll have to wait awhile for a doctor's appointment - well, unless I'm terribly
ill, I think I could wait.

Somebody with a small business is worried that they will have to pay bigger
premiums for their employees. I can understand this concern and hope
someone raised this question to the president. In fact, I hope that all the right
questions were asked last night and answered to everyone's satisfaction.
Of course, that is highly unlikely.

However, I for one believe we do need health care reform, but I think in order
to please everyone--we will never get it. Hilary Clinton tried. Now Pres. Obama
is trying. What will it take to make good health care reform?