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Thanx Readers Digest

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
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No, say it isn't so - that the Reader's Digest has filed for bankruptcy. This
little magazine has been one of my favorite magazines of all times. I always
found something in it which I wanted to tear out and keep. I think by now if
I had done so, I would have a small mountain or at least a tiny hill of articles.

I have subscribed to a lot of magazines in the past including Mother Jones,
Ode, U.S. News & Report, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, E Magazine
and others and though, while all have something to commend them, I would
place the Reader's Digest at the very tippy top of my favorites.

Just today I pulled out the January '09 Digest and on it's cover I had affixed
a memo listing the articles which I thought deserved a second read: 'The
Seeker - starting an orphanage in Nepal', 'Changes of heart - troubled teens
caring for unwanted dogs', and 'Northern Exposure- swimming the world's
coldest waters.'

One I hadn't even listed and now find very providential is titled: 'Memo to the
President.' I think reading it at the beginning of President Obama's term in
office would not have been as meaningful to me as it is now. Maybe President
Obama read this article too and maybe he was trying to do so much in a short
time because of it. However, I am only conjecturing. This article began by
saying to the newly elected president: ''Congratulations on your historic
victory. Now you --and we--have work to do. We asked 18 Statesmen and
women spanning the political spectrum to give you their best advice on the
most pressing issues we face. Their answers offer wisdom and counsel to
you--and, by extension, to us all."

Here is their advice in a nutshell. To read their full text requires going to
January '09 Reader's Digest.

1. David M. Abshire - president of the Center for the Study of the Presidency:
TALK BUT ALSO LISTEN. (Timeless and worthwhile advice.)

2. Karl Rowe -former top White House aide: ENCOURAGE DEBATE.

3. Anne-Marie Slaughter - dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and
international Affairs at Princetom University: REMIND US WHAT IT TAKES

4. The Reverend Billy Graham: ACT JUSTLY AND WALK HUMBLY. (No one
can go wrong following this advice.)

5. Madeleine Allbright- former Sec. of State: RESTATE THE CASE FOR U.S.

6. Bernard-Henri Levy - French philosopher and writer: HONOR AN AMERICAN
HERO. (I submit that someone should publish a book on our heroes. If not been
done already, I believe it may require more than one book on this worthwhile

7. Richard H. Carmona, MD - former U.S. surgeon general: INVEST IN THE
NATION'S HEALTH. (He's giving it a yeoman's effort. I'm surprised at the
negative voices.)

8. Robert D. Hormats - former assistant secretary of state and current vice
chairman of Goldman Sachs (international): STOP THE CYCLE OF DEBT.
(Didn't we bail out Goldman Sachs? If so - very strange counsel.)

9. Jonathan Rauch - guest scholar at the Brookings Institution - BE LIKE IKE.

10. Helene D. Gayle, MD, -president and CEO of Care USA.: FIGHT EXTREME
POVERTY. (A monumental task though a very worthy one.)

11. Michael D. McCurry - former White House press secretary: REMAKE THE

12. Larry J. Sabato- director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics:
BE BRUTALLY HONEST. (In my opinion as well -one of the greatest virtues
which anyone of integrity must possess. Sadly, how many politicians really do
possess it?)

13. Kathleen Parker - syndicated newspaper columnist: REUNITE THE COUNTRY.
(Wow -we can't even unite the country on the need for Health Care Reform!)

14. Grover G. Norquist - ADVOCATE FOR ADOPTION. (Great idea. Some people
don't want any more children and others are aching to adopt them.)

15. Mark Tercek - president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy - COMMIT TO
THE ENVIRONMENT. (In my opinion -this has been sorely neglected by many
past presidents - the majority of them being Republican.)

16. Peggy Noonan - former White house speechwriter to Pres. Reagon- PREPARE
FOR THE WORST. (And just how do you do that? Well, maybe in her paragrapgh
she touched on it. However, it is good to be aware that no matter your great agenda-
there will be someone who will want to knock it down.)

17. Roy Romer - former governor of Colorado - IMPROVE SCHOOLS. (My advice is
to educate parents. Schools can only do so much, but the parents who give their
children too much by way of goods and privileges don't do their children any favors.
I am glad that I grew up having little. I still appreciate having little and don't feel
anyone owes me any favors. Abe Lincoln is someone I still aspire to be like when
I think of him. How many kids would say that?)

18. Pauline Maier - professor of American history at the Mass. Inst. of

The one article I gave short shrift to in January's Reader's Digest has now
entered front and center for me as I watch the difficulties of being a president. I
still think that President Obama is a caring, decent, and enterprising individual.
I also now believe after reading the advice from these 18 people - just how difficult
his job really is. I wish him continued good fortune - much success, and God's

Thanx Reader's Digest for all the great articles of the present and the past.
You have to come out of bankruptcy to continue doing the work only you can