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Story ID:5375
Written by:Nancy J. Kopp (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Location:New York New York USA
Person:Henry Mazel
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The National Quarterly has published its second issue. Divided into the four seasons of the year, the ezine for fall features two of the writers at Our Echo.

Henry Mazel is one of the founding editors of The National Quarterly and is a contributing writer here at Our Echo. His story, The Principal of Rivington Street, is featured in the latest issue.

I was pleased to have an article in both the first and second issue of the magazine. This one is about food in pubs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You can find the newest issue at www.nationalquarterly.com to read the two features mentioned above and many other articles of interest, including one on healthy eating and another on a restaurant critic's encounter with Fidel Castro long ago. If you like what you read, pass it on to others.