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Where Were Your Bulbs Made?

Story ID:5391
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
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Rob Kall of OEN said that he could pound out a post in even so short of time as
15 minutes. Well, I can almost do it too Rob. The only problem - mine don't
turn out nearly as well as yours.

But I am opinionated as are so many other writers on OEN and other venues.
We all think that our opinions are worth reading -so we persist. Here is one
which I think is worthwhile though probably not all that new. But surprisingly,
I believe the average Joe or Jane still might not have caught on as yet.

I received an e-mail today entitled "One Bulb at a Time." You may have received
it as well at some time or other. I think the writer was a woman because I don't
believe that many men do much comparison shopping at all. She writes of some
of her eye-opening shopping excursions in a few different stores.

In one she notes that her grandson likes Hershey bars and would have bought
him some but noticed that they are now made in Mexico. No, she won't buy
them anymore! Her favorite toothpaste WAS Colgate til she saw that it too is
made in Mexico. She will now buy Crest since it is still made in the US. Since
I am still boycotting Procter and Gamble for the last 15 years or more because
of their cruelty in using animals in research, I won't follow suit. However, I now
buy Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste which Pilgrim Pride carries in its catalog. So this
keeps me "American" with this NY product.

At Lowes she decided to check hose attachments just for the heck of it. All made
in China. When visiting Ace Hardware she decided again - just for the heck of
it to check their hose attachments, and they were made in the USA. Good to
know. I didn't even realize that Ace Hardware had survived with the Home
Depot ever present giant stores. I am glad they did and hope they will continue
to do so and even thrive.

At Kroger she needed 60W light bulbs. She picked up the GE brand and was
dismayed to see that they were made in Mexico. She noticed next to the GE
brand there was an off brand labeled "Everyday Value." She picked it up to find
she says - get ready for this -made by a USA company in Cleveland, Ohio. This
promptly went into her basket! Next she needed Bounce Dryer sheets and saw
they are made in Canada. Again she was happy to find Everyday Value dryer
sheets for less money and made in the USA!

Her enthusiasm made me want to go out and do some comparison shopping -
but just for a second. I no longer enjoy shopping, but I hope that I can start
looking at products with her "American" eye from now on.

Well Rob - still pounding- but way over your time allotment. However, I am
winding down. When I forwarded this gem to my fellow e-mail persons, I prefaced
it with some of my remarks. Included were some from above as well as
thinking about how all this started anyway. I believe that NAFTA or "free trade"
ushered in during the Clinton Administration is responsible for American
product shortfalls.

As American Unions kept on asking for more and more benefits - our American
products became more and more costly. So when the foreign countries sent their
cheaper tax- free products we "lapped" them up. Walmart brought huge quantities
of these cheaper products and Americans made Walmart very rich - the foreign
countries prosperous - and many American companies poorer. Yes, hardly eye-
opening news to anyone who has given it any thought, but I repeat - there are
probably a lot of people who don't and who still haven't caught on.