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Jerry, the Strawberry Blonde Cat

Story ID:5424
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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I had planned on doing a number of things today, but instead found myself
on the couch resting. I believe that happens a lot when you hit 79. Instead
of "cat-napping," my thoughts went to Jerry -a reddish long-haired cat who has
a history that began with me and then made some twisted and convoluted turns
until today when I was delighted to see him once again.

A few years ago, I was sitting on my porch when 2 young girls approached
holding this beautiful strawberry-blond kitten. Could I take him? Could I say
no? Hardly, though at this point - after taking care of some 30+ cats over
the last 30 years, I was not too happy about having to care for yet another
abandoned kitten. It requires an investment of time, care, and money and
I was in short supply of all three. However, I took the kitten and I thought that
I might find him a home with a new neighbor who already had two cats - Ripple
and Stymie. She just might welcome this sweet kitten because she loved cats.
And I was right. Judy just cooed when I deposited him into her cupped hands.
Knowing that funds were low because she had a medical condition (HIV), I promised
to pay for the initial shots and neutering.

Whenever I visited with Judy - Jerry always did the vanishing act. However,
that really is probably a trait with many cats. My two own "upstairs" cats do the
same when I have company. However, the ones in the partially-renovated
basement don't. Can't figure it out. Is it personality? Is it the circumstances?

Well, I soon would not even be visiting Judy or Jerry anymore because she
moved - probably closer to her early environs and her children. Then
surprisingly, she returned to Lakewood -but not in a home as close to me as
before. Then out of the blue -one day she asked me if I would take Jerry
back. I can't recall why but I believe that her health was deteriorating. Of
course I did. Jerry was use to other cats- so he joined my downstairs "gang" and
he seemed happy enough though he was rather reserved.

Poor Jerry - Judy came back for him again when she felt she was rallying. So,
he was being shuffled back and forth. Hopefully though- he was happy to return
to her. Who knows? But then the unthinkable. A year or so later -Judy shot
herself. I don't really know why except that Alan, her friend, thought she was
despondent and/or mentally ill. This time Jerry, Ripple, and Stymie went "home"
with Alan.

Recently Jerry managed to get out of Alan's upstairs apartment and out into the
fresh air. Alan said that he saw him a couple of times but that he was in no mood
to come back indoors. And then Alan said he saw him no more. Could he have
found a new home? We wondered. Today we need wonder no more. I was pleased
to see him walking by my front privet bushes. I called out to to him but he quickly
disappeared into the bushes edging my house. And from there- who knows where
this free spirit went though I did see him later again. I put some food on the porch
and it was gone the next time I looked. I hope it was Jerry who partook.

So the adventures of Jerry, the strawberry blond cat is still a work in progress. I
just hope and pray that come the blustery cold winds of winter - that either I
or Alan can cajole him into coming back indoors. Only time will tell.