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November Musings

Story ID:5441
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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For Latin Rite Catholics -today is All Souls day. I think it is a beautiful reminder
of those we loved who have passed on. In the Byzantine Rite we have a few
All Souls Saturdays during the Lenten Season - so, in that sense, we remember
them more - though of course, many of us remember our deceased family and
friends daily in our prayers.

I remember my senior year in high school in Uniontown, Pa. My last year was
suppose to be spent at Mt. St. Macrina boarding school but 4 of us had to attend
the high school downtown because the Academy was just re-starting and had
only enough teachers for 9th and 10th grades. It was an interesting experience
though and I remember the nuns at St. John's pretty well - even now. Some of
you may be surprised to find out that I found the nuns very nice. I even remember
some of their names. Our homeroom nun was Sr. Eucharia, the principle was St.
Hilda Marie and the other nun who I recall was Sr. Donata who taught history.

On this day (All Souls) we were told that making a visit to the church for the Poor
Souls would help those who needed it. So- many of us during the lunch hour and
after school, spent some time climbing those steep stairs to the church across the
street from the school which was built on a hill. I don't know how many visits I made
that day - but obviously it made an impression on me since I can still remember
it from that year --1948. Some of your weren't even born!

Today I went for 50 more loaves of bread for the birds. I make this trip once a month
and then I usually buy a loaf of fresh rye for myself when there. As I was bagging the
the bird bread -I was surprised to find there were 3 loaves of rye bread in the bunch!
However, I feel that I should buy something from Schwebels anyway because they are
so good at selling us those 12-cent bird bread loaves.

On the way home on Madison Ave. - a main thoroughfare - I spied to my sorrow a
crushed squirrel in the street. I knew that I had to pick him or her up. When I
walked back - I started with a clear street but soon a bus and car approached in the
double lane main street- but yes! they stopped and waited til I picked him up.

Walking Casey on Sunday -we heard a car screech to a halt and a tiny squirrel ran
to the other side. I thought whoever was driving that car - was a sensitive person.
It was a side street and no one was behind him or her. It always makes me feel
good to know that there are caring people on the road who recognize that small
animals value their lives too. They tell us to brake for kids - but they never mention
animals. I know that sometimes it is dangerous - but basically if we drive slowly on
the side streets especially or in places where there are deer crossings - no one
would get hurt.

I noticed that among the 50 loaves of bread were some bagels. I know that they can
be quite high in calories - so I was glad when I was able to make a calorie comparison
between the 3 varieties I found: wheat bagel, wheat-honey bagel, and a cinnamon
bagel. The calories in a wheat bagel: 140, in a wheat-honey bagel: 150 and the
calories in a cinnamon bagel - a whopping 200.

Well, I hope the birds won't mind but I will be using some of "their" wheat bagels.
Today I made mock tuna. Such an incredibly easy vegan sandwich to prepare-
made of mashed chick peas, finely diced onion and celery, and vegan mayonaize.
I used a hamburger bun which was even higher in calories than the wheat bagel!
While my unchecked recipe was good - I think I shall add some relish to it for
added kick! Of course, people who like it hot can add some bottled jalapeno slices.

I'm sure some of you may have heard about the new movie "Precious." On CBS
Sunday Morning - Katie Couric reviewed it and the main character whose name
sounded to me like Gabbie. Anyway -Gabbie (real life) is quite obese and to her
credit - she says that she likes herself and can't be worried about what other
people think of her. And so for her- what really matters is her own opnion about
herself. I thought that was quite inspiring and many of us who feel inadequate
in any way should follow her lead. However, I hope one day she will like herself
enough to lose weight which cannot be good for her general health.

However, her weight was important to the theme of the movie. Precious, who she
portrays, is a mentally-challenged rotund girl who hadn't it seemed a friend in the
world. Her father raped her twice, her mother called her a dummy, and the social
worker was as sensitive as a porcupine quilt. I'm sure the movie will be well
received. Already one comment from some one who has seen it says that it has
universal appeal. A 60-year old white woman -after seeing the movie, said this
is my story too.

Well, now to hauling up my 50 loaves of bird- bread to the upstairs frig. A task I
don't much relish - but as long as I'm able -I will do it for the birds- especially now
when the cold winds and snows of winter will soon make their appearance.