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Freeways, Football, and Ferals

Story ID:5465
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Is today the 16th? (of November) Too lazy to check. I missed the Lenin
Meteorite sky supposedly happening in the wee hours before dawn. How
many times have I been awake at this time - but not this morning!

Sorin took me out on the freeway Sunday. I had asked him to do this
because my 72 Comet needs "blowing" out. All the carbon forms and
collects if one doesn't "do" freeways and I don't. I would much rather let
"George" do the driving. However, I am incredibly happy that I can do the
little driving I do. Otherwise, I could not have companion animals or even
feed the birds.

Almost done with my pre-winter shopping. Bought 100 lbs. of bird seed.
Will have to get at least 200 pounds more before it snows. I figure I spread
2-3 lbs. each day and that comes out to almost 100 pounds per month. So
hopefully 300 lbs will carry me through Feb. 15th.

Which brings me to my new bird feeding schedule. I use to feed them when
I came home from liturgy. I would see the pigeons ringing the roof tops of
my neighbors house and some on mine. Now, I cut the bread the night
before and cover the container well and then spread it out before the 8 o'clock
liturgy the next day. Today I came home and the bread and the seed were gone
as I saw the pigeons flying away in the sky. I'm glad of that - because hopefully
no one will look upon this feeding as bad news for the neighborhood.

We've had a great November so far with quite a few Indian Summer days.
I didn't hear anyone complaining. But last night the weather was chilly and
a bit rainy. Our poor Browns faltered again. I know you may think I'm silly -
but I think they need some prayers this morning. I wish the best for Brady
Quinn who was pictured in a Browns uniform as a child of 4. Yes, he is an
Ohio native. I even feel sorry for the coaches, the other players, the fans
and Lerner the owner. Talk about frustration. Yes, this is a business but
nobody should have such a dismal season as we are having. However, some
of the fans really gripe me - they are still carrying a grudge against Art Modell.
They should let it go already. Maybe our guys will do better if they do. I prayed
my rosary for them during the first half. It was late already and I went to bed
for the second half.

Patrick, one of my two ferals got out of the basement because I failed to close
the door properly. Penny followed as well but my "smart" Pearl and Gracie
stayed where they belonged. When I opened the door to the hallway, I was
surprised to see Patrick there and he walked in. At first Pixie in her little
basket didn't recognize that this was NOT Paulie, but when she did, she
became frightened and jumped out of her basket. Patrick followed her and
found Paulie. A small tussle ensued until I was able to grab Patrick by the
scruff of his neck. What a blessing to know. REMEMBER CAT PEOPLE, you
can immobolize a cat by grabbing him or her by the scruff of the neck. I
had problems before in placing cats in carriers and now it is so much easier
when you employ the "scruff". Imagine after 30 years - NO vet clued me in
on this and I have the scratches to prove it. It was Dr. Kress who came into
my basement to see the two ferals and he picked one up by the scruff of his
neck. God bless him for this lesson I needed to learn even at this late date.
Patrick still was a handful even when I held his scruff. I had to hold at least
one of his legs because he was flaying them. He wanted out of my grasp but
luckily I made it to basement and closed the door carefully behind me. Penny
wisely had returned on her own and my two other beauties never even
entertained the thought to explore as had Patrick.

Re using the scruff- you may want to check what the internet has on this.
They do not recommend using it except in "crisis" situations. I've had
a number of them- so I am grateful for this knowledge.

Paulie was a bit traumatized by the whole affair and found a hiding place
behind my couch. Even though I called him to come out, he didn't do so
til later. I don't think he wanted to see Patrick again! When I took in
Penny and Patrick, I found Penny more agressive, but now she has become
docile and Patrick much less so. Yes, ferals are a different breed and while
they can become tamer, it does take more time for some. My Pixie was
a feral which I didn't know at first. She still doesn't want to be picked up
or placed in my lap. However, she is loving in her own way.