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Rekindle Their Love

Story ID:5483
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
Person:Ginny and I
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OurEcho Preface This post deals with a mature theme or contains explicit language. While the post is not extremely violent or pornographic, it does contain language or explore a subject matter that may offend some readers. If you do not wish to view posts that deal with mature themes, please exit this post.
Rekindle Their Love

I held Ginny’s hand as we walked up the stone steps to the entry of the
Anniversary Inn in Boise, Idaho. Leaves fell around us like big colorful snowflakes. I
looked up at the towering black locust trees and remembered how they filled the air
with their heavenly scent when we stayed here in the spring. It was hard to believe we
were in the center of the city. The surroundings, with the mountains in the background,
seemed more like a country estate.

I opened the door for my beautiful wife. We were greeted with a pleasant smile
from the young lady behind the front desk. The smell of fleshly-baked chocolate chip
cookies filled the air. “Can it get any better?” I asked myself – a beautiful woman on my
arm, a smile and cookies.

On this visit, we selected the “French Canopy” room and were not disappointed.
We opened the door to the tastefully decorated room – fireplace, queen sized canopied
bed, 52” TV, and a two person jetted tub. In the refrigerator, two slices of cheese cake
awaited our taste buds.

We closed the door. There was silence. We were alone in our own little world.
Ginny and I live with her daughter, son-in-law, and their four children. Silence and
privacy are precious things.

We unpacked and went to dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. When we
returned with our bellies full, I stretched out on the comfortable bed and …fell asleep.
I woke at midnight. Ginny laughed at me. “Now that you are awake, I’m ready for bed.”

“I’m sorry, Baby.” I apologized. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“It’s OK.”

I sat, read and enjoy the fire. Ginny slept. At 4 AM, I noticed her stirring. I went
to the hot tub and turned on the water. She opened her eyes. “You’re bath is drawn, my

She smiled.

We slipped into the warmth of the water and into each other’s arms.

Later, I lay awake. Ginny’s arm stretched across my chest. Her hand rested on my
shoulder. Her leg draped over my hip, and her foot tucked between my knees. I listened
to her breath softly and smelled the scent of her hair. I thought about how much I love
her. We found each other late in life, but experience a love like nothing either of us had
experienced before. In the glow from the fire, I joined her in sleep.

We checked out later that morning. As we left, I couldn’t help noticing the other
guests as they left. Love was in the air. Everyone smiled. Hands were held. Signs of
affection were openly displayed. They felt like Ginny and I did – full of love.

It was wonderful to get away – a night just for us. The Anniversary Inn provided
the perfect setting to be us – a couple in love.

I held Ginny’s hand. At the top of the stairs, I put down our bags, kissed her and
said, “I love you, Ginny.”

She smiled and said, “I love you more.”

We walked to the car. I thought about my feelings and of the other guests I saw
leaving, and knew everyone needs to do this. Every couple needs a chance to rekindle
their love.

Michael T. Smith