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First Meet

Story ID:5536
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Fort Lee New Jersey USA
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My wife Ginny and I met in an online widow/widower support group. On the
first anniversary of first time we met in person,
after talking on the phone and through our group for three months, I posted a message to the
support group where we were still
members, because it gave us so much.

The message I posted was:

Today is the anniversary of the first time Ginny and I met in person. I'll never
forget the butterflies I had in my stomach as I waited at the airport for her plane to arrive.
I watched the board announcing arrivals, saw her plane had landed. Then I saw it had
made it to the gate. I stood by the exit from her gate watching for her. My palms were
sweaty. My heart pounded in my chest. Finally, I was going to meet the woman I knew I
was in love with. We hadn't met yet, but I knew I was in love with her already.

I turned and there she was. She saw me, smiled and asked, "Mike?" and then she
was in my arms. I held her tight. She was so beautiful and fit in my arms perfectly. I
think I said, "It is so nice to finally be able to hold you."

I kissed the top of her head and then her lips. On the escalator to get her bags I
confessed I was nervous and excited all at the same time. We got her bags, went to the
car, where I held the door for her to get in. I climbed into the drivers side, and looked at
her. I reached out and she slid into my arms. "I have been waiting a long time for this," I
said and then kissed her tenderly.

On the way home, at every stop light, we would take a kiss break.

At home, I cooked her dinner, and we had a beautiful evening, then a beautiful
weekend, and then a beautiful everything, including a beautiful and crazy wedding four
months later.

Now we have a beautiful life together.

Happy anniversary, Ginny. I love you.


When Ginny read this, she posted to the group:

He was nervous and I wasn't. No one could believe that I was flying from North
Carolina to New Jersey to meet someone I met over the internet. I knew I wasn't flying to
just "meet someone". I knew I was flying to my future. As I walked through the gate, I
knew him immediately. During that first hug, I knew that I had come home. It felt so

It still is.

We counted the days we had actually been together before we got married. Thirty
days. That's it! There are a lot of people who can't believe we got married so soon and
they just don't understand. Since we have been married, which was eight months ago last
Thursday, we have been together 24x7. Except for the month that he worked in “The
City” and the two weeks he worked not too long ago, we have been together totally. If
you think about it, we have spent more time together than most people who are married
for two or three years in those eight months, and I love him more now than I did then.

I asked God to bring someone into my life. Someone to love me completely and I
could love completely...no holds barred. My prayers were answered.

I love you too, Michael. Actually, it's my day so I love you MORE!!!!!


I read this almost six years after we met that first time. Like one of my stories
said, I have been blessed.

Michael T. Smith