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My Twelve Most Memorable Moments with You

Story ID:5537
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Writers Conference:My Favorite Holiday Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
Person:Ginny and I
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It was Christmas Eve. I handed Ginny an envelope. It was our new tradition.
The year before I did the same. In honor of the twelve days of Christmas, I gave her
the twelve reasons I loved her. Like the year before, the envelope contained the first
reason and a clue to where the next one was hidden.

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On this Christmas Eve, Ginny opened her envelope and read.

My Twelve Most Memorable Moments with You


This year I bring you the twelve most memorable moments. These are moments with you
that that stand out in my mind whenever I think about our almost six years together.

1 – The time we first talked on the phone

We were in the chat room for widows and widowers. The group met in the chat room
often. Your sense of humor was wonderful. I liked you. I was the clown of the group
and cracked jokes all the time. Little did I know you baited me to see what I could say

I asked if I could call you sometime.
You said yes.
I heard your southern accent and feel in love with it.

The clue to the next moment is:

Your next moment is – It should always come first – Their first

(The note was hidden behind a picture on the wall. It has Ginny’s daughter, son-in-law
and pictures of their children in it. The clue was “It should always come first” meaning
family. Below the pictures is a line that says, “Our first Year”)

2 – The day we first met at the airport

My stomach was in turmoil. I was excited and scared at the same time.
I’d seen your pictures and recognized you right away. You looked up at me,
And then you were in my arms. I held you tight.
Later you told me you had a dream of your first husband Harvey soon after he died. He
came to you in a meadow, hugged you, and said everything was going to be OK. It was
not a hug you remembered. The hug was the one I gave you at the airport that first time.

Your next moment is – Our feathered friends love us.

(The note was hidden behind a picture of birdhouse.)

3 – Our first kiss in the car

We gathered your luggage and walked to my car. Once inside, I turned to you and said,
“I have been waiting to do this for a long time.” I reached out, held you to me, and kissed
the sweetest lips I’ve ever tasted.

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Your next moment is – I flash to mark the spot

(The note was hidden beneath the flashing angel at the top of the Christmas Tree)

4 – The first time I met your daughter Heather and your grandsons

We flew to Oklahoma to bring Heather to New Jersey with us. In the terminal I met
Heather and her three boys for the first time. Little did I know the role those little
guys would play in my life.

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Your next moment is – He shares tea with his wife

(The note was hidden behind an advent calendar. On the calendar is a picture of Mr. and
Mrs. Clause sharing tea)

5 – I took you to Times Square

On your first visit, I took you to Jersey City to see Manhattan across the Hudson River.
We took the train into Manhattan, and I walked you to Times Square. The wonder and
thrill on your face reflected the thousands of lights that surrounded us.

Your next moment is – She wants to be at my feet

(The next note was hidden in our cat’s basket)

6 – The moment I realized my love for you was real and deep was when you hurt your

My phone rang. It was your son Brandon. I’d never spoken too him before.
“Mike, this is Brandon, Ginny’s son. She asked me to call you. She had an accident with
her horse. She almost ripped her thumb off and is in surgery now.”

He said he would call me with more news later, but didn’t.

That night, I paced the house and called your phone over-and-over, without receiving
an answer. I was sick with worry. As my worry grew, so did a realization – I was
truly in love with you. I knew I loved you before, but my concern and worry drove the
point home to me. It was a wonderful moment.

Your next moment is – Now I lay me down to sleep

(The next note was hidden under her pillow)

7 – The day we married

No day can compare to the day you looked into my eyes and said, “I do!”
It was the day my life changed for the better. Thank you, Baby!

You can see our wedding here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghUjYAfskT0

Your next moment is – BRRRRRRRR

(This note was hidden in the freezer)

8 – The YW gathering

More than twenty widows and widowers from our online support group from
three countries gathered in New York City. I remember looking around the room
at all the people we shared our pains and sorrows with and feeling the tears
streaming down my cheeks. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.
Amid the crowd was the woman I loved and married – you.

Your next moment is – Ice is nice

(This next note was hidden behind a calendar. It had a winter scene of ice on the shores
of the ocean)

9 – When you met my daughter Vanessa

When I told my daughter Vanessa you and I got married, she freaked. “Dad, are
you crazy? It’s too soon! You’ll just end up divorced!”

A few months later we drove to Ohio and you met her for the first time. I was told
she was scared to death to meet you.

Within a few hours, you and Vanessa were laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
It’s been five years and she calls you more than she does me. She confides everything in
you. You have become the mother she lost, and I thank you.

Your next moment is – I see me. You see you.

(I hid this one behind a mirror in the living room)

10 – Standing at the base of Katterskill falls

We climbed that hill and stood at the base of the falls. You were sick, but managed to
make the hike. I stood, looked up at the water tumbling from the edge of the cliff and
thought, that has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Then I looked
at you and thought, “No! It’s the second most beautiful thing.”


Your next moment is – I’m getting really slow

(Ginny’s coffee maker is getting old. Each morning it takes longer for the coffee to
fill the pot. The note was hidden under it.)

11 – The first time we slept together

We slipped under the covers. Afterward, we clung to each other and slept. We woke in
the morning still wrapped in each other’s arms. We hadn’t moved all night – comfortable
in each other’s love.

Your next moment is – I turned red and then I shed

(The note was hidden under the Christmas cactus. It bloomed a few weeks ago and
recently shed it’s flowers.)

12 – The first time I met your son Brandon

How can I not mention this one? The first night at his house, he pulled a prank on you for
April Fool’s Day.
I fell for it instead. I thought I was going to die in a gun battle that night.

Merry Christmas, Ginny. Thank you for being the wonderful woman you are and for
becoming my wife – One of the best things to ever happen to me

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