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Story ID:5564
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
Person:Susan Konig
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I stopped getting the Catholic Digest last year because I was unhappy that
there was almost nothing in it re concern for animals. I believe I even wrote
the editor this and of course, no response.

But I would come across the recent Catholic Digest because of "serendipity."
In church this morning I saw a piece of crumbled paper under a pew. After liturgy
I usually pick up any garbage like this and take it to the back of the vestibule
where there is a wastepaper basket.

At first I thought - today is Saturday - there should be cleaners today -but then
was reminded something I had learned long ago from a religious person. She told
me that we can even pick up a pin for the love of Jesus! This was over 50 years
ago and I still think of it from time to time. Some lessons are worth remembering
and recalling.

Well, okay - I will pick up the paper. By doing so I passed the book rack and saw
and picked up this Catholic Digest which had Susan Konig's story. If I hadn't
picked up that crumbled piece of paper - I would never have read Susan's story
or wrote to the editor re it. Now that's why I like serendipity!

Whether the editor will publish my letter re Susan's story is debatable. However,
I really won't know unless "serendipity" moves me in the direction of that book
rack again in February!

Here is my letter to the editor in this regard:

To the editor:

What an inspiration - Susan Konig who wrote "The case of the missing cat."
I know from reading her articles that she is a busy mom, but in true
St. Francis fashion, she made time to rescue a cat in the middle of the
road. "Wendy" was not a stray but had somehow wandered from home and
was sick and in need of an insulin shot.

Of course, Susan didn't know this - but she saw a cat in distress and went
the extra mile. After rescuing the cat, bringing her home, and trying not
too successfully to feed her, she then went to neighbors hoping to find her
home. No easy task, but she succeeded, and Wendy was happily returned
to her family who had been extremely worried about her. Would that more
people would respond in such a concerned and loving way as did Susan. God
bless her for her compassionate heart. She is an inspiration to her children
and to all of us.

The only disappointing note re her article is that she referred to the cat as
an "it." I never went along with grammarians when they referred to animals
as "things." Animals are living, breathing creatures as we. They have the
same basic needs as do we and they have gender. I never refer to any animal
as an "it."