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Letter to First Lady Michele Obama

Story ID:5675
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Washington D.C. District of Columbia usa
Person:First Lady Michele Obama
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Dear First Lady,

First thank you for all the good things you have brought to the presidency.
I believe that your husband took office at the most terrible time in our
history facing all the humongous problems when he took office. I appreciate
his efforts and hard work. Having said that, I am sorry to say that in two
regards he has failed me personally as an animal rights person.

I was shocked that stimulus money was used to support the horrible CAFOs
from hell. These huge corporations should be using the money to open up
spaces for these poor animals who have basic needs like our own but are
probably using the money for their own selfish and greedy needs. I loved
the comparison scenario that Wayne Pacelle made re the caged chickens.
Imagine being in an elevator with 7 other people for 24 hours. Horrendous.
Now imagine being there for the rest of your natural life.

I was disappointed that even Congress is so uncaring when they approved
an amendment barring the EPA from measuring the green house gases
at these huge CAFOs. Not only are they a scourge to the poor animals -
they are causing harmful and detrimental effects to bodies of water near
them and of course producing harmful greenhouse gases in the environment.

RE the BLM - recently 9 mustangs were shot from an aerial roundup by
the BLM. How poorly we care for our national treasures. I have always
thought that we need new leadership at the BLM- a leadership which
will be concerned about the horses who have a right to life - unfettered
and happy. Too many of them using the grass lands of beef raisers? -then
let's use contraceptives - LIKE YESTERDAY.

Thank you and God bless.