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The Power of the Internet

Story ID:5708
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
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The Power of the Internet

Many times I think gratefully of Steve Wozniak - the co-founder of Apple.
I believe that the personal computer was his brain child. It was his inspiration
to downsize those huge computers of the early years so that anyone could
bring its magic into their own home.

I have learned so very much from using the internet as I'm sure most of us
have. And then by clicking Care2, Animal Rescue, and Welcome Good Search
I can even help support the animal and/or human charities I support. On
Welcome Good Search- each click adds a penny towards the animal charity I
picked which is Romanian Animal Rescue (RAR). There are so many animal
charities I would love to support, but I picked this one because it was founded-
not by an American of Romanian descent but by a Californian visiting Romania
and finding the streets filled with hungry stray dogs. She made it her mission to
try to help them by starting a charity for them in the US. I applaud her and
though you may think my penny clicks aren't worth much - if she had many more
people doing them, they might make a sizable contribution at the end of the year
and, of course, help to get the strays off the streets of Romania and have them
altered. So, my penny searches help my causes and certainly oftentimes provide
me with so much valuable new information.

Today Mercy for Animals sent us an update on the reactions to their New York
dairy farm investigation of Willet Farms. One of the repercussions was New York
State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal proposing a ban on tail docking - similar
to the one that was enacted in California last year. It may seem a small effort-
but ask any cow who has had her tail painfully docked to see if she views this as
nothing. If some one should fault me for anthrophormizing, I answer that if we had
done this from day one -there would be no such thing as tail docking- there would be
no such thing as factory farms (CAFOs). These are living beings like ourselves and
have the same basic needs as we. Some people respond and ask me - what about the
plants? My answer- well I have never looked into the eyes of a plant - have you?

I hope that all states would ban this painful procedure and that goes for ear
cropping and tail docking of dogs. Sadly it seems we could use a federal initiative
in this regard. If we were people of compassion, the government wouldn't have to
enact laws such as this. I think we would think twice if those similar procedures
were done on us, but sadly too many of us aren't usually thoughtful when it comes
to the animal condition.

Yesterday on Care2 I viewed a picture and account of a terribly sad and cruel rite
of passage for young men in Sweden. Standing in water, a group of them were
stabbing and killing innocent dolphins. The water was red with their blood. Instead-
the young men's faces and the faces of those who approve of this cruel and utterly
useless practice should have been red with shame. How does this make a young boy
a man? In my opinion, there is nothing courageous or manly about it.

Re the Willet Farm exposure, thanx are due to the media exposing the shocking
images of the inhumane dairy industry practices which were aired on ABC's World
News Tonight, CNN, and other TV stations coast to coast. The account was also
written up in hundreds of newspapers- including the Los Angeles Times, the New
York Times and Forbes. All this has made an impact on Willet Farm where it will
probably hurt them the most-their pocketbook. Leprino Foods, a Denver-based
cheese producer, has dropped Willet as a milk supplier. Leprino distributes cheese
to Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa Johns-the three largest pizza companies in the US.

I am usually very hard on Americans for their seemingly cold indifference to animal
suffering, but I hope this reaction to the Willet Farm animal suffering is genuine
and widespread. I don't think anyone could ever be sorry they are compassionate.
I'm sure they will be if they are not- unless they have hearts of cold steel.