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Mouths to Feed

Story ID:5757
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Mouths to Feed

Mouths to Feed

Can’t do supper
Till the men come back
From huntin and fishin
Josh, Luke and Zack

Josh took the 12 gauge
Luke and Zack took the fishin poles
Maybe bag a prarie chicken or cottontail
Or some catfish from those fishin holes

Old Bessie quit givin milk
A week or so ago
The eatins in the shack
Are gittin mighty low.

Ezmareldy is near to birthin
Little Joseph’s’ folks have passed on
They died from dust pneumonia
Joseph won’t believe they’re gone.

Gits crowded at night
When we shut the door
One bed for Mom and Pop
The rest sleep on the floor.

Before se go to sleep
All together we pray
For the Lord to look after us
And help us through another day.

The pans are ready
For cleanin of the game
Then used again for cookin
Over an open flame.

The boys returned
Josh with a jackrabbit and two cottontails
Zack and Luke came back
With a bunch of catfish in a pail

We will eat like Kings tonight
The kids bellies will be full
We’ll hold hands at the table
And thank God for food so bountiful.

As we drift off to sleep
And are on the way to peasant dreams
This family will stay together
And live on as a team.
Monte L. Manka 02-20-10