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Ah Yes Chelsea Town

Story ID:5758
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Aw yes, Chelsea town

I remember it well

Two houses, a set of scales, with a gravel road running down

A railroad crossing, three trees, It was a magnificent city as you can tell

Still our town of Chelsea, out on the Kansas Prairie

With each of our neighbors homes separated by a mile or more

Each 300 acre yard populated with varmints tame and wary

Was far larger now than it seemed then, in those distant days of yore.

But yes, about when we were young we can reminisce

About Chelsea, with a ten below night, or a hundred and ten degree day

And remind ourselves of days gone by that we miss

Even hauling hay

The Walnut River was our place to fish and swim

To hunt the squirrel, the rabbit, and the loon

Where Jay and Monte would take a lady friend

To spend an evening admiring the sight of the harvest moon

And when we went to school or a neighbors house, it was not so far

We laughed and played as we walked or ran or rode a horse

No need for a bus, a taxi, or a car

Because our neighbors were only a short couple of miles away of course

And yes we were hard as nails

Up at five am to do our morning chores, then twelve hours on the tractors seat

Baked by the Kansas sun, soaked by rain, holding your hat in prairie gales

Feeding the cows, pulling a plow or cutting wheat

Then home again to do the evening chores

Fed the hogs, milk the cows, wash in the creek in the dark,

After supper, work done, radio time, the green hornet and the FBI in peace and wars

Looking back we had it pretty good, but it certainly wasn't any lark

Now after my mornings dozen pills and two hours on a lawn tractor

Mopping my sweating brow, my oxygen bottle almost out of gas

It's time to make an appointment with my Chiropractor

And it's hard to believe the things we did in those days at Chelsea far in the past

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