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Flinthills Epithet

Story ID:5759
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA Usa
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Flinthills Epither

Have you seen the generous horizon
From the lush hills of useful flint?
As we journey through time-seeing, hearing
feeling, learning-just what is meant
By the cadence and the timing
Summer, fall, winter, spring’s priming
Please See. . .

From the pinnacles of this ancient grassland
Kansa and the Others pursued
Birds and mammals plentiful were their prey.
Healing native plants still valued
Diffusing all of natures chills
Perpetual; order in these Hills.
Please Hear . . .

Enticed by voice in the prairie winds
Whole new rhythms measure each day
The beat of brave homesteader’s hopeful song
Strumming, strumming along the way
Hidden in the bluestem grasses
The good fortune flint would grant us.
Pleae Feel . . .

Rising, planning with the morning’s freshness
Marveling on ways to use limestone:
Houses, barns, tall straight silos, fences fair
Brightly standing in the meadows mown
Limstone’s flint resists erosion
Rich bottom land, ranges open
Please Learn . . .

The settlers believed in education
And perched atop a lofty hill
They built the schoolhouse, building strong Future’s
Intellect; luring learners still
Who listen to the prairie’s call
Here its promise, for some not all.

Enticed by deep secrets in the Flinthills
Cattle grazing, foals a-birthing
Whispering ripples of cool spring water
Edge of excitement engaging
Kind words on the tombstone so wry
Onward greet us, “Thanks for stopping by.”

Iris Hennman Lawrence
El Dorado, Kansas
Mrs. Jay Lawrence of El Dorado is a life long friend, Thank you Iris for this great Piece of Poetry About Kansas. Monte L. Manka