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The Chelsea Cemetery

Story ID:5763
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Chelsea Cemetery

The Chelsea Cemetery

That hallowed ground
Just to the south
Of the Wayne Manka farm
Where the old tombstones
Stand there alone
With their earthy charm

They stand with somber beauty
Some granite and some stone
Showing all who travel by
Theyíre really not alone

The wordingís faded quite a bit
Because of wind, and rains
Some damage has been done
And itís faded out the names.

In the back of the lot
By the row of Cedar Trees
My Mother and little Brother
Are resting there in Peace.

The ones that are in the front
The Cogshalls, Putnams and Carters
The rest I canít remember
Buchanans, Doornbos for starters.

That Chelsea Cemetery, Didnít mean much to me
When I was just a kid
But now I can see what I missed
And realize how much it did.

The names of those old farmers
The ones I canít recollect
Were real People that were the Chelsea founders
And deserve our respect.

Man and wife worked side by side
Out in the dusty field
From daylight until darkness
Their hard work they did yield,

They planted here another crop
They depend on the weather
To bring the rain, upon the plain
For a Bumper crop to gather.

These were the farmers
That had worked with their hands
Before they passed on,
To those Promised Lands.

For the ones that are buried here
To those that have a plot in
The Chelsea Kansas Cemetery
These pioneers now arenít forgotten..

Monte L. Manka