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Black Sunday

Story ID:5767
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Black Sunday

Black Sunday

Put down those Sunday funnies
Get cleaned up and dressed
Almost time for Sunday school
Youíve got to look your best.

Polish your school shoes
Wash your neck and ears
Get a clean Hankie
Change your socks and underwear.

Here are two pennies
For the collection plate
Hurry now
Donít be late.

Mommy, Mommy
The sky looks dark and stormy
I donít hear thunder or see any lightning
Kids youíre starting to bore me,

With excuses not to go to church
I tried that when I didnít want to go
Get on down the road
Hurry kids, youíll be late, doncha know.

Hello Mable, that you on the phone
Have I been outside?
No, not today why?
Better get the kids and hide.

Thereís a dust cloud
Like youíve never seen before
Itís coming this way
Bye now, I canít talk anymore.

The sky was looking eerie
I began to scream
Quick kids come into the house
It was like a nightmarish dream

Sunday School can wait
Shut the house up tight
Looks like itís gonna be
One long miserable night.
Monte L. Manka 08-10-09