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Travelin Salesman

Story ID:5774
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Travelin Salesman

Travelin Salesman
Look Mister salesman
Youíre wasting our time
We have washings to do
And clothes to put on the line.

We donít have time to waste
Listening to your spiel
You know we just got our welfare check
And Iím not about to deal

Youíre holding us up
So please go
Bother some one else
Weíre not interested in what you know.

Iím only listenin
Trying not to be rude
Kids go on and play
Iíll git rid of this jude.

My husband was a travelin salesman
Very seldom came back
I told him to leave us alone
Now he lives in someone elseís shack.

Git on your horse
Git outa my sight
Donít let the Sun Set on your behind
I want you long gone before it gits dark tonight.

Iím fetching my 12 gauge
With buckshot double ought
If youíre not gone when I git back
Youíre gonna git shot.

You finally git the message
Now put your pony in a fast trot
Better git outta range
Of this double-ought buck-shot.
Monte L. Manka 12-12-09