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Being Old Ain't So Bad

Story ID:5777
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Displaced Kansas Kid
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Being OLD

Getting Old is not so bad
Because of your age you donít have to be sad
Just think of the things you can be forgiven for
Your misconceptions, and indiscretions
And you donít have to go off to war.

As I walk down the sidewalk
And something I am mumbling
That I remembered from years ago
And am possibly stumbling

The person I am meeting
Thinks this old man is lost
But this is something happy Iím recalling
I want to remember it at all cost.

If I am seen shuffling
Down the concrete
Itís because
I have sore feet.

These two feet have been with me
For four score years and more
They have marched in the Army
Been frozen while doing chores

They have taken me
A thousand miles or more
They have never let me down
They have a right to be sore.

These old eyes
Are losing some of their inability to see
But they can still see the beauty
Of a Sunrise or Sunsetís peaceful tranquility

This old back has seen itís day
But still operates the best it can
I havenít treated it very nice
Has done itís best for this working man

But lately
I can tell itís been abused
It starts hurting
Whenever itís been over used.

These old ears are still big and flappy
They have been frozen too
They donít hear as well
As they used to do.

Took the hearing test
And for 8,000 bucks
I could hear as good as new
Does this Dr. think I am just a shmuck?

Left the clinic
Hearing great
8000 bucks richer
Knowing I didnít take the bait.

Old Hips one had to be replaced
Couldnít stand the pace
New one of Stainless steel
No more pain do I feel?

I may be old
But as you see
I can make fun
You have to agree

Even old Iím a lucky man
Tomorrow is another day
Iíll wake up happy
Itís Valentines Day.

Monte Manka 02-13-08