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Wacky Willie

Story ID:5781
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Wacky Willie

Wacky Willie

I think every small community
Has a bag lady or a kooky man
Who wander the streets
Uttering words we don’t understand.

We had one in our town
We called him Wacky Willie
The kids would follow and tease him
They would drive him silly.

Willie never struck out
Even though they made him mad
Never retaliated at all
Though I wished he had.

I saw some merchant
Come out of his store
And told the kids to go home
And not to bother Willie anymore.

Dad and I went to town
We met Wacky Willie
Dad said “Good Morning William”
Willie uttered something sounded kinda silly

That’s Wacky Willie Dad
I didn’t know you knew him
Dad said “He worked for me
As one of my hired men.”

William was a private
In World War One
Fought all over France
And in the Forest of Argonne.

Saved his squad of men
From withering machinegun fire
For his Bravery he was cited
And received the Croix de Guerre.

An Artillery shell landed close
And rattled his brain
Since then he’s never
Been the same again.”

As I rode home
My thoughts were of William
Funny how a few words
Changed my opinion.
Monte L. Manka 02-25-10