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Where'e the Rumly Tractor

Story ID:5783
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Where'e the Rumly Tractor

The Old Rumley Tractor?

I think the worst is over
The dust has settled down
Time to dig out the tractor
Iíll go into town,

And get some laborers
To help on the dig
And weíll uncover
That buried old iron rig.

I donít remember for sure
But I think beneath the Rumley
Is my toolbox
The farmer said, glumly

Tools that I need
To fix the car
So I can get to town
Without that new air filter I wonít get far

Living on this farm
Seems to be so unjust
You plan for a good living but
After three years with nothing but wind and dust

You tend to lose your fortitude
To plod on
And keep a positive attitude
And try to look beyond

The wife and kids left me
Quite a while ago
I decided to stick it out
But I donít know

Is it really worth it?
Seems a total loss
Thought Iíd stick it out
At any cost.

As I survey the damage
Well, anyhow
Iíve too much invested
To give up now.
Monte L. Manka 08-09-09