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The Barn

Story ID:5786
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Curious Kansas Kid
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The Barn

That Old Barn

A Noble building
One unlike the norm
That’s withstood
Many a Kansas Storm,

Through the hottest summers
Coldest winters too
Through Kansas dust storms
Since 1892

She was put together
With hand quarried stone
Square nails and wooden pegs
Axe trimmed timbers so she could stand-alone.

She was there proud and tall
When I left her many years ago
I can see her in my mind
And on top a cupola.

The hay mow
Held tons of newly baled hay
Where we built tunnels
And could play on a rainy day.

In the front a “Dutch door”
For the stock to enter
Mules, Horses and cows
For protection in the winter.

Two foot long round tree limbs
Placed into the post uptight
For hanging the harness
Or Kerosene lanterns for light at night

Early in the A.M.
Way before school
We grabbed milk pails
And sat upon a stool

Milked those critters
Weather cold or hot
Then turned them out to pasture
And with the milk we got,

It was carried to the house
And the separator there
For the cream and milk
That went in to the Frigidaire

In the evening
We did it once again
I didn’t like to milk the cows
But I knew better than to complain.

That old barn was unpainted
The boards were weather beaten
Some of the sheeting
Was worm eaten.

The bottom floor was dirt
In every stall
Where stood the stock
Was cleaned every fall.

Every good thing
Comes to an end
I now realize that
The “Old Barn” was a friend

She kept the weather
Outside that Dutch Door
While I was milking the cows
On a stool on the dirt floor.

I saw her one more time
When the auction was held
Sold to the highest bidder
My throat seemed to swell

I turned my back on her
Walked away so sad
Never looked back
Kinda wished I had

With tender memories
Now I’ll stop my yarn
And end my “Ode”
About that “Noble Old Barn.”

Monte L. Manka 03-27-09