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When We Write Again

Story ID:5805
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid-waiting
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Seems to me
It’s been years ago
Since you wrote to me
To let me know,

What’s new
What’s going on
What’s happening
Where you’ve gone.

Let me know
Let me in
Tell me
Where you’ve been

Just write me a “Hello”
So I won’t worry
Just a note
Please hurry,

I’ve written to
Your old address
It said “Return to sender”
I must confess,

These words
Are so cold
And cause distress
The message so bold.

Has the addressee
Passed on
Are you ill?
Or have you withdrawn

To the quiet shade
Of an old Hackberry tree
Next to a farmhouse
On that Kansas prairie.

Sitting there
With a smile
Thinking back
And all the while

Knowing you can’t change
What happened back “when”
You were younger
How it night have been

How it was
How the past
Might have changed
Not so fast.

We can’t change
What’s gone by
We can’t
Sit here and cry,

Live for today
And recall
Fond memories
About all

Those great times
In the past
All the good times
I’ve had a blast.

“When We Write Again”
We’ll cry, we’ll grin
As we read
About what’s within,

The letter, card or note
You will write to me
About something sad or funny
Will make me happy as can be.

Monte L. Manka 4-09-2008