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Lost in the front yard

Story ID:5810
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Lost in the front yard

While looking through some old papers I found this article. My Mother had cut it out of the paper, I know because that's her handwriting.

Lured by the promise of rich, plentiful soil, thousands of settlers came to the Southern Plains, bringing farming techniques that worked well in the North and East. The farmers subsequently plowed millions of acres of grassland, only to have the rains stop in the summer of 1931. The catastrophic eight-year drought that followed led observers to rename the region "The Dust Bowl."

July 16-2008

I do not remember but Mom told me that she had to put a wet sheet over my crib because the dust was so bad. She said that she shook off the mud and washed the sheet and placed it back on in one of the worst nights. I guess that is why I can live with the dust in my house. I told Larry that I was going to have to dust or plant potatoes. Dee (now from Phoenix, Ariz.)


I remember the dust storms of Kansas. We were living at 120 N, High in El Dorado at the time. At night we could not see the street light from our house and we were only 4 house's from the corner. Mom could not keep the house dust free at all, even with everything closed up. What time that was . You could put a wet cloth over your mouth and nose. But in no time at all mud was on the cloth so much you had to take and wash it out.
Fred (Old JUCO buddy from El Dorado.) (Fred Golike)

We were living in Wellington and I was playing at a neighbors when Mother called me. Of course I didn't want to go and then everyone was looking at the sky and I flew. I thought it was the end of the world. Nothing kept the dust out of the house, as you know. Horrible......BD Cousin from Missouri Betty D. Squib

We held Chelsea School outside the schoolhouse. The air in the Schoolhouse hung heavy with the dust. We would go to the pump and wet our handkerchiefs and hold them over our nose as we read out of our Bobs Merrill Primer. Every once in a while we would rinse out our handkerchief and dump the dust off the page we were working on and proceed with our lesson. Today the whole state would have shut down-Then you just kept going and going and going. I have no ill effects from the dust in my lungs, but my brain evidently absorbed a lot of the dust. Monte L. Manka

Mom would put wet towels around the windows and doors. Make a routine of rinsing the towels. A wet sheet was put over my crib, so I was told, to keep me free of dust. Mom said she used a broom and a scoop shovel to get the dust off the floor and thrown back outside. Shirley Goetz Manka--Testimonials--been there done that.