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Daddy, Daddy I can't see

Story ID:5817
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Daddy, Daddy I can't see

Daddy, Daddy I Canít See

My eyes are full of dirt
Daddy, Daddy I canít see
Is that you?
Just in front of me?

Yes and Iím at the door
Keep on coming sis
Son go on ahead
Iíll see that she donít miss

The opening of the door
Get a pan of water from the pail
Iíll wash the face and eyes
Of Sister Abigail

Save the water
Donít use too much
I donít want to fetch another from the well
In this roiling, boiling dust.

Donít fuss now Mom
Weíll make it through
This will soon pass
Weíll make do

Weíve seen some tough times before
Traveling down those old country lanes
Moving from farm to farm
Out on these Kansas plains.

Maybe tomorrow
The wind will lay
The dust will settle
And itís be a tolerable day

I am thinking this is the worst
Iíve ever known
Donít worry Honey
Weíre not alone.

Letís leave this shack
I donít care letís go somewhere
Where the place is clean
And we can breathe the air.

The kids are crying
And Iím feeling bad
Iíve got four months to go
Iíve never been so sad.

Ok, Ok weíll leave this shack
As soon as we can see the road
If the car will start
And the roads arenít closed

The old mule has died,
Old Bessie too
Iíll try to find a better place
For the kids and you.
Monte L. Manka 03-06-10