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That Lonesome Road

Story ID:5825
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet Kansas USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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That Lonesome Road

That Lonesome Road

Those roads around Chelsea
Were gravel, dirt or sand
As you traveled from home to home
Out in the Chelsea, Kansas farmland,

Iíve walked these roads
I rode Ten Spot, my pony, on these roads
Iíve driven a pair of mules and a buggy on these roads
I driven my Model ďAĒ, and my 35 Plymouth Coupe on these roads.

Until you have ridden
On a bumpy Kansas gravel lane
You donít know what youíre missing
Itís kinda hard to explain.

Traffic not a problem
One car or two in a mile
On sand, gravel, or dirt
Definitely old style.

But until youíve
Walked down a gravel road
Facing a gusty, cold North wind
With head down and shoulders bowed

Sleet hitting you in the face
Hands cold and wet
Ears freezing
You havenít lived yet.

That is a lonesome road
Seems as if you are moving with all your might
An extremely Lonesome feeling
Until you see the farmhouse come into sight.

It is a lonesome road, when youíre a kid
When darkness is setting in
Youíre a mile from home
And the sight of the farmhouse is growing dim

You break into a run
To keep that Goblin from chasing you
Or the Wicked Witch of the west
At last the yard light comes through

It is a lonesome road when
The ďModel AĒ gets stuck in the mud
And you have to walk a mile for help
In your Sunday shoes and good duds.

It is a Lonesome road
When the Plymouth gets a flat
Out in the countryside at night
And the spare is also flat.

Walk a couple miles for a tire pump
In your Sunday Shoes
Those sharp gravel rocks
The shoe soles you soon will renew.

Itís not a Lonesome road
When the weather is sunny and bright
Grazing cattle and Horses
Line each side of the road, a beautiful sight.

Fence posts and barbed wire
On that Lonesome road, blue skies and clouds so fluffy white
Sunflowers and prairie grass
And an occasional cowboy rides into sight.

That Lonesome Road runs through
Wheat fields, Alfalfa, prairie grass and fields of corn
A lovely sight to see
On a dew covered morn.

And some of these lonesome trails
Were traveled by the Buffalo
Pioneers looking for a better life
So many years ago.

If you ever get a chance
To experience a Lonesome road
Take the back lanes of Chelsea, Kansas
My Ode to the ďLonesome RoadĒ

Monte L. Manka 03-10-10