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Christmas Tree

Story ID:5834
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet cCA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Christmas Tree

So distinctly do I remember
In a farmhouse out on Route Three
On a bleak December morn
Back in Nineteen Forty One, for Dad and me

As we both stared at the ceiling
Deep in silent thoughts known only to each other
No Christmas spirit known here
With the absence of Mother and Brother,

For at fifteen
My soul was shaken
By a train wreck
That had taken

A wife, a mother, a son a brother
Taken from this home forever
From Dad and I
To anyone this should happen never.

Staring out that big south window
At the icicles hanging from the window sill
Our beating hearts were feeling
On the inside an icy chill.

In that dining room where we were seated
Deep in thoughts of how it had been before
Friends and farm hands had been fed at that Oak table
Now covered with dust, magazines, papers, and mail galore.

I could hold it in no longer
I ask the question loud and clear
Dad, can we put up a Christmas tree?
After several seconds I did hear,


In my mind I didn’t care
I know that my Dad could see
That deep down, this year
I didn’t want a Christmas tree.

Suddenly the Sun broke through
Like diamonds on a store display
Those cold icicles sparkled and glistened
And helped brighten the day.

Sorta changed the atmosphere
Still the silence was not broken
In that farm house dining room
Not another word was spoken.

After all, sixty eight years later
I realize our loss was not unique
Others have had tragedies
And similar losses as I speak

So once again, at Eighty Three
I am happy to see
The beauty of
“A Christmas tree.”

Monte L. Manka 12-05-2009

Thanks Chad

Love Edgar Allen Poe, or couldn't you tell. Monte