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Itty, Bitty, White striped Black Kitty

Story ID:5839
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Stinky Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Itty, Bitty, White striped Black Kitty

The White Striped, Black Kitty

One summer morning
Down by the Walnut River
My brother and I
Were cutting arrows for our Quiver.

Cowboys and Indians
Was the game we played
We needed bows and arrows
And these by us were made.

We had just left the Paw Paw Patch
And started to walk across
The old corn field
And between the broken stalks.

When this black, white stripped Kitty
Came loping through the corn
A few feet ahead of us
In this early morn.

I had never seen a skunk before
So when he stopped
I hit him with a Paw Paw branch
And over the bank he flopped.

Off the bluff
He sailed into the water
But on the way down
He did something he shouldn’t otter.

Halfway down Leslie and I
Smelled something mighty rotten
And it got worse
As we got nearer to the bottom

The skunk swam to the other side
And went
We wished he had taken with him
His scent.

The odor made us sick
And we knew first of all
Mom would be mad
She’d have to burn our overalls.

Running every step of the way
All out of breath, and gasping
We got to the house
For fresh air we were a’ grasping.

Mom said what’s the matter
Why do you look so pale?
Without hesitation
We related to her our tale.

Mom laughed and said
The smell is not in your clothes
I can’t smell anything
Its all in your nose

My lesson is

If you’re not to sure
And if you’re from the city
Don’t be dumb
Turn and run
From that itty bitty white striped black kitty

PePe Le Pew—Monte 05-02-2006