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Chelsea Kansas Landmarks

Story ID:5841
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA Usa
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Chelsea Kansas Landmarks

Besides the Chelsea Grain Elevator
Besides the Chelsea Church
Besides the Chelsea School
Besides the Chelsea Cemetery.

Chelsea had a Train Depot.
That stood by the Santa Fe Track
A building painted yellow
With an Ice house in the back.

My Dad took me down
To pick up a sack
At the Chelsea Train Depot
By the Santa Fe Railroad Track..

We walked up to the counter
I remember a big Clock
He signed some papers
We walked out on the dock.

Dad picked up a gunny sack
Took it to the car
Headed home from the depot
Wasn’t very far.

I heard later,
That the Santa Fe Depot
Wasn’t used enough
And it had to go.

The Ice house was purchased
By my Dad, was set up here for makin
Not used for keepin Ice
But for Smokin Hams and Bacon.

My Uncle Ves would set there by the Ice house
On an old wooden chair
Holding that corn cob pipe,
The smell of smokin hams filled the air.

Another Part of Chelsea History
Has now gone away
Along with lots of other things
Has gone away to stay. Monte

Monte Manka 12-31-2006