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My First Job, Chad

Story ID:5858
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Cloverine Chelsea Kid
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My First Job, Chad

Yesterday ...
A day before today could be a day, year or years Yesterday- something past- something gone by Yesterday- a song of times past

Yesterday when I was young. I can remember when--


Many years ago when I was about 11 years old, in 1937 I decided to go for a sales profession.

I received the Cappers Farmer paper and the ad said I could make money if I would write for their kit. When I got the kit, it was a salve that they wanted me to sell. I never heard of “Cloverine” a salve that was good for any ailment that you had and some that you never had.

I got an my pony and started to go to the neighbors to sell and make my fortune. The first one told me no that was Mrs. Coggsshell but the next one about three miles away said that she would buy.
Her name was Mrs. Sam Putnam and then I went up the road another 1/4 mile and sold Mrs. Darwin Putnam some salve. Now when I got home and milked the cows my mother asked me if I had made a record of who I sold to, and I had not.

I think the price for the “Cloverine” was about 25 cents and my take was .05 cents what an endeavor, the next trip was closer Mrs. Brandt and Mrs. Sontag purchased a can apiece and Mrs. Charlie Welty took another.

Well needless to say the only ones that were making money were the people that sold me the kit in the Cappers Farmer.

The road was mud and gravel and my horse came up lame and it took her a long time to heal.

When the shipment of a dozen cans came in I had to deliver them, I walked, not such a good idea my sales profession. (continued)