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Plowing at Condells

Story ID:5862
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Plow Boy Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Plowing at Condells

Yesterday when I was young?? --- Chad

My dad thought that I needed to get some work at one of the neighbors, the neighbor was John Condell.

Mr. Condell was a good man but his house wasn't the cleanest one in the county. The living room and parlor of his house was used to store wheat.

The chairs were moved to the outside of the room and then the wheat was scooped in on the floor. I drove the tractor and pulled the plow to his farm to do the plowing. I was going to eat my lunch at his house but when

I went in the house to get a drink of water the house smelled so bad, of rotting wheat that I knew I couldn't eat at his house. When I finished the job that night and went home

Dad asked me if I had eaten at the Condell's and I told him the story and he laughed and said "why do you think that I sent you." I walked two miles to fix me a sandwich for lunch.

The story was told about the Condell farm house about the cat.

Mrs. Condell had a wood stove and she left the oven door open in the winter time to help heat the house. She decided to bake a pie and shut the oven door to pre warm the oven for the pie. In about one or two minutes they heard a yowling and a carrying on like they never heard before.
They couldn’t figure where the racket came from, Then Mr. Condell opened the oven door and a cat with his hair smoking came shooting out and hit the door before they opened it.

They opened the door and the cat, hair still smoking, ran out the door and never was seen again. If you don't understand the cat was warming himself in the oven and she shut the oven door on the cat accidently. (Continued)