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Highway 13

Story ID:5877
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA U SA
Person:13 travelin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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High way 13

In Butler County, Kansas
I’ve hauled many a load
Of wheat, hay and alfalfa
Down this old Sandy Road.

When I leave home
And drive South passed Adde Berg’s farm
On down past the Chelsea Cemetery
In her early country charm.

On down and cross the low water bridge
And then to that treacherous RR Underpass
South a few miles between
Pastures of tall lush prairie grass

Right turn at the Old ElDorado Lake
Pass McConnells farm
Who made a beautiful home
Out of an old refurbished Barn.

Pass the tree
Where the lightening struck
During a storm while we were going to town
In Dad’s pickup truck.

Turn left passed Charlie Nuttles
A ranch and cattleman
Across the cement bridge
On South on this old road of sand.

Right turn on down the highway
Past acres and acres of corn
On John Teeters farm
In the early morn.

Through a couple underpasses
Ending up on highway 77
Left down Main Street
“Man you have arriven.”

This old road in the summer
Could be muddy or dry
Depending on the weather
In May, June or July.

In the winter sometimes impassable
Big snow drifts from side to side
Or frozen solid with sleet and ice
Made it a treacherous ride,

But old Gar Cundel
And his road maintainer machine
Almost always keep it open
Old Highway thirteen.

From our home to town
On the Highway was twelve miles
Did no good to speed, road was rough
For your car it promised many trials

Either you ended up a pile of dust
While driving to pick up your date
Or muddy fenders and running boards
When wet trying not to be late.

You pull up to your dates house
Your car a ball of mud or dust
She doesn’t want to enter
And looks on with disgust.

As you drive to the movie
She hides her head
The sight of being seen in this muddy car
Is an image that she dreads.

But my date was nice
And never said a word
But seemed to be busy
For a second date, it never occurred.

In the winter time
While driving from home to school
Trying to stay between the fences
As a rule,

You were on your toes
While sliding from side to side
Can’t be late to school
With all caution cast aside

Constantly wiping the frost
From your windshield
Defroster or heater
Not much heat did yield.

When you drove home in the afternoon
The top snow had melted some
The slush would freeze on your fenders
The wheels looked like a ball of gum

The next morning you head for school
No matter what the scene
Down that old road
That Old Sand Road “Highway Thirteen.”

This was many years ago
When I was at my peak
Now that old road
Ends at Durechen creek

Just a mile south of our old farm
Makes me kinda sad
But if you stand in the way of progress
You’re looked on as BAD.

The memories of Highway Thirteen
Will forever be etched in my mind
Never will there be another Highway 13
In my daily Grind.
Monte L. Manka 04-09-09