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The Old Grain Binder

Story ID:5878
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet Ca. USA
Person:The shocking Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Old Grain Binder

Our Old Binder

This old McCormick binder
Was like one that my Uncle Ves
Operated with a pair of horses
On the Forty just to the east

Of the farmhouse
In a field of barley
Across highway 13
Pulled by Bob and Betty.

The power of this binder
Was quite a deal
Just below the needle and knotter
Was a giant bull wheel

That drove the reel and the sickle
Chains and the gears
The canvases that carried the cut barley
Up to the bundleers

A round metal container
For three balls of twine
To feed the knotter
And bind the bundles this job was mine

If the twine broke I tied it together
I learned to thread the needle with twine
Then the knotter could tie the bundles
And now were back on line

Old Bob and Betty pulled the binder
My job was to shock the grain
Keep up with the binder
No need to strain

The horses moved at a slow pace
With Uncle Ves urging with gees and haws
Slowly eating away at the field of grain
Working around a big draw

One round swath
Left it nice and clean
Only a few shocks
Standing in between

I see mom waving a dishcloth
To get our attention, doncha see
Telling me and Uncle Ves to come to dinner
And to feed old Bob and Betty

After dinner I hated to go back to work
The sun was bearing down
What kept me going was,
Tonight a date that I had in town

With that pretty blonde
And to a movie well go
I sure hope she likes
A shoot em up show.

Monte L. Manka 03-26-10