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Yes, Another Letter to President Obama

Story ID:5890
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
Person:President Obama
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A letter to President Obama:

Dear President -what happened? I was one of the millions who applauded you
on the night that you learned you were to be the president of the United States
of America. I thought I saw in you a man of intelligence and strength. I had
hoped you were a man of wisdom and compassion. And for the first year I saw
a hard-working president who came to office assuming problems which were
certainly monumental by anyone's standards.

I admired that you and your team rolled up your sleeves and went to work
to address them. Some applauded you; some complained that you took on
too many problems all at once. I was on the applauding side. When your
house is on fire - you have to get water to every facet of it. It is not enough
to save half the house. Well, our country was on fire and the water of quick
action needed to be used to put the flames out of a Wall Street meltdown,
big bank failures, a sinking housing market, two money-strapped car-makers,
and a nation of jobless workers.

I felt badly when you were criticized. I wanted to ask the naysayers - well
what's your solution? Usually, I find people who criticize so easily have no
solutions at all.

Did we need health care reform? When I found out that some people were
actually bankrupted by the horrendous hospital bills- the answer was yes.
When I found out that some people could not afford health care insurance,
the answer was yes. When I found out that all these presidents (both
Roosevelts, Truman, Clinton, and even Nixon) felt the need for it- the
answer for me was yes. Do these reasons make sense? I truly hope so.
We were the only industrialized nation not to have some form of socialized
Health Care. I hope it is the solution to our health care needs. If not,
I'm sure we can address that problem when we see it.

But now for the beginning of the let down. When I heard you say to your girls
that they would get the promised dog if you were elected, I admired you for
wanting a shelter dog - even a ''mutt'' because you called yourself one as well.
I heard a humble person speaking. I heard a compassionate person speaking.
But now in your second year of the presidency, I know longer hear what I had
thought was a voice of compassion and concern for the environment and the

As a Senator from Illinois I had noticed that your voting record re animal
issues was pretty decent and a whole lot better then Senator McCain's. In
fact, the voting record on animal issues by a majority of the Republicans was
in my opinion pretty dismal and shameful. Instead of check marks for the
different animal-concern issues, I found X's in abundance by the Republicans.
I am grateful to HSUS for publishing a yearly Humane Scoreboard re how our
congressional legislators voted on animal issues. If interested, you can view
their record on the internet as well. For a party which claims to be Pro-life, how
can they be so unconcerned about animal life? Their life is precious to them
and to many of us as well.

This week - in your decision to jump start the economy you have opened up
plans to start OFF-SHORE DRILLING FOR OIL. Those of us who care for the
environment and the animals who will be effected by this decision had always
fought Pres. George Bush on this same quest, and then to have a president
we thought as an environmentalist do this, is a shock. You said you thought
hard and long on this. In my opinion, you didn't think hard and long enough.

Besides causing havoc to the environment and posing danger to the animals
who will be effected by this bad decision, you are perpetuating the need
for oil. If anything, we should be weaning ourselves from this need and
finding alternatives to its use.

Re your appointment of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, we who care about
the Wild Horses of the West are very disappointed that his policies are much
the same as the BLM's. They have steadily eroded the hard work of Wild Horse
Annie (Velma Bronn Johnston) who in 1971 fought for the law which allotted
the wild horses public land in the west so that they could live happily and freely
there forever. That is not happening now. Their numbers are being eroded by
BLM policies at an alarming rate. It seems to us that the cattle barons are
winning this war by encroaching on these public lands which were suppose
to be held in trust for the horses - our nation's heritage. Cattle baron interests
do not reflect my interests. I am vegan and I object to PUBLIC land being
taken away from the horses. If you do too, than please voice your objections to
the President, Interior Sec. Ken Salazar, the BLM and even your congressional

And lastly, this really must be a "pipe dream." I was hoping for a president to undo
what Pres. Ronald Reagon allowed to come into existence during his presidency.
I was hoping and praying that we will have a president who can dismantle the
horribly cruel CAFOs (Confined Animal Farm Operations). What am I crazy?
That's part of our economy, stupid. No, I am not stupid, but I do feel compassion
for the animals. If we depend on an economy which keeps chickens in battery cages -
unable to spread their wings; if we keep mother cows confined in stalls with no life
than to be a milking machine; if we allow her male calves to be placed in "iron"
cages where they can't even turn around - then we are complicit in the suffering of
these poor animals. Sadly, I don't think you are concerned if at all re farm animal

I hope you are "listening" President Obama. I have listened to you for the first year
and I have applauded your every effort. But now I'm sorry I can no longer do so,
unless you backtrack on the off-shore drilling projects. Your legacy thus far put
you in my "plus" category - but off-shore drilling, lack of conern for the Wild
Horses of the West and the suffering animals in CAFOs will change that, and I
will no lnger be able to hold you in the high esteem I had of your earlier efforts for