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A Lonely Boy

Story ID:5893
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Lonely Chelsea Kansas Kid
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A Lonely Boy

Im a Lonely Boy

High School age is so strange
As we grow into our own
I spent all four years, high school
In an El Dorado, Kansas town.

Leaving Chelsea country school
Students just a few
Going into Junior High
Overwhelmed me, this is true

Id never seen so many kids
Who I didnt know their names
Lost in a maze of rooms
All looked the same

With my new schedule
Im moving very slow
Just finding the right room
For my first class, doncha know

I had seven different teachers
They all looked so stern
Wasnt going to be any trouble
For me to learn.

In all eight years, at Chelsea
Teachers I had, maybe six
In our one room school
All nice looking chicks

Now I have seven different teachers
That I have to please
With kids all around
As thick as fleas.

After a few days
Id made a few friends
Began to see familiar faces
As I tried to blend

With those city boys and girls
Whod known each other for years
I felt out of place
Definitely not among my peers.

Out in the Chelsea school
We had a softball and glove and bat
Many times there werent enough kids
To make a team, so that

We played on the swings
Of these we had three
Just enough for
Barbara, Melda and me.

Here in Junior Hi
Basketball, football, baseball, and Track
In gym there was a pommel horse, parallel bars
And a wrestling mat.

To this Clodhopper
Seemed like a dream
All those toys for anyone
That arrived upon the scene.

I graduated from ninth to tenth
Went to the bigger building across the street
Not a Lonely Boy anymore
Now Im one of the elite.
Monte L. Manka 09-24-08