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Where's my music

Story ID:5902
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Music Lovin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Where's my music

Whereís my music?

I went to Google for tunes
That were popular in my era
The forties you know.
What I found was hysteria.

There were big hits of the 80ís, hits of the 90ís
And of course Alternative rock
Folk, Hip-Hop, and Pop
Where was Grandfathers Clock?

Reggae. R&B. Quiet storm
Metal, Jazz, and Blues
Latin, Love songs
Where are my Blue Suede Shoes?

Classic Rock, Hard rock
Metal, New Age and Jazz
Take me back to the Forties
For music with pizzazz.

Miller, Ray Anthony, and McCoy
With Como, Bing, and Dinah
Cole, Jones, Faye and Harris
Songs about Carolina.

And the great Kate Smith
With tones so clear and so pure
Singing ďGod Bless AmericaĒ
During times that were unsure.

Rosemary, Judy
Ella, Della, and Kay
The Andrew Sisters
Kitty, Anita, and Doris Day.

Mills Brothers, Mercer
Kyser, Xavier and Buddy
Martha, Jo, Ink spots
Margaret, and Helen Reddy.

The singing of these artists
Filled the airwaves with melody
Tones of pure velvet
During times of uncertainty.

These great people
Carried us through
A horrible time
For me and you.

If you donít recognize these names
If they donít ring a bell
You were too young
To remember those years of Hell.

Monte L. Manka 11-28-09