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Eleventh Grade and Bunny D.

Story ID:5903
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Lucky Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Eleventh Grade and Bunny D.

Eleventh Grade

Pretty Bunny D.
Sat across from me
In my Junior class of

I always got to class early
Just so I could see
Her Queenly entrance
Into the classroom, Oh Me.

After a couple months
I felt up to the task
And for a date
To her I did ask.

I just knew she would say no
For my offer to take her to a show
But to my complete surprise
She looked me in the eyes
And said Iíd love to go.

Taking out a city girl
To a picture show
Was something different to me
Doncha know.

I had to stop on Central Ave.
To the Sullivan Barber shop
For a trim, and then down to
Garlands Shoe Shine Shop.

Garland could make that shoe shine rag
Really pop
While waiting your turn
In the shoe shine shop.

Jump into the Hudson Super Six
Put your shoes upon the seat
To keep them from getting dusty
While driving with stocking feet,

Down to Greiners Laundry
For clean shirt and slacks
And be sure to place them
In a dust proof sack.

That Hudson had been clean only once
When it was brand new
The muddy, dusty, slushly roads
Made washing it a taboo.

Drove the twelve miles home
Milked the cows and
With a washcloth and towel and soap
In my hand,

I headed for the creek
To the old swimming hole
And bathed my naked body
Man I was on a roll.

White shirt and tie
Freshly pressed slacks
Put oil on my cowlick
Shined shoes, I was ready to go back

The twelve dusty miles to El Dorado
Upon arriving on the pavement
I pulled to the curb
And made a slight adjustment

I took a cloth and dusted my shoes
Dashboard and seat
When I picked up Bunny D.
I wanted the inside to be neat.

I went to the door
Asked inside and met her Mom and Dad
Bunny said Itís time to go
Being tongued tied I was glad

To open the dirty door
Of that Hudson front seat
She entered without question
Did she look sweet.

After handholding in the show
We went for a Burger and a Coke
After eating
And I was almost broke

She said mom wants me home
Early you see
For tomorrow weíre
Having company

I walked her to the door
Before my feet hit the porch floor the light went on,
She said good night
In an instant She was gone

Back into the dusty Hudson
I loosened my tie
Removed my shoes
And watched the street lights go by.

This to me was a great night
My heart wouldnít stay still
I didnít even notice the dust
As I drove over the hill

Thinking maybe
Next Friday me and Bunny D.
Could see another show
Iíll have to wait and see.

Monte 09-27-08