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Riverside National Cemetery

Story ID:5920
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Sad Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Riverside National Cemetery

Riverside National Cemetery

On this Sunday we made a short trip
To the Riverside National Cemetery
To decorate the grave of our son, Scott
With flags and flowers we did carry.

We drove through the gate
A thousand American flags were on display
Hanging limply down the staff
Down the center of the Parkway.

Down the center of the lane
We drove past them one by one
Until we reached the grave site
Of Number 901.

We spruced up around
The marker there
Placed the small American Flag
In the ground with tender care.

We were thinking silently
How we lost Scott, our son
And how we wished that
His illness he could have won.

He left his wife Debbie
With three kids to raise
She did a fantastic job
We have nothing but praise.

After several minutes
We left Scott’s grave
Still deep in our memory
Our thoughts of him we’ll save.

We drove past the War Memorial
Headed back to the entrance
As we did a breeze came up
The once limp flags began to dance.

As if to tell us
That he knew we were there
The thousand flags on display
Suddenly caught the air

As we approached each big flag
On it’s staff before that hung limply
As we drove by one by one
Each unfurled for us to see.

There are a lot of things
That I don’t believe in, this one got to me
You will never convince me, of some things
But Scott’s spirit unfurled those flags for Shirley and I to see.

We’ll see you later Scott
In that great beyond
We can hug you once again
And be with you, our Son.

Monte 05-28-2006