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Death at the Seoul, Korea R.R. Station

Story ID:5932
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Appalled Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Death at the Seoul, Korea R.R. Station

Death at the Seoul, Korea R.R. Station

Death at the Seoul, Korea R.R. Station

(45-46-Occupation of Korea by the USA)
The Sgt. in our office
Wanted to show Mac and I
The way to Inchon Harbor
To get medical supplies

As we entered Seoul
We stopped by the Seoul RR Station
To get breakfast
We had grown tired of the Hospital ration

As we stepped out of the Jeep
To go inside
There was a mile long line of people
Waiting to get a ride

On the train
The temperature was way below Zero
It was bitter cold
Doncha know

While we were in the cold R.R. Station
Eating scrambled eggs and sipping hot tea
This was the only thing we could eat or drink
The veggies and meat were rotten doncha see.

We were seated by a window
Beneath the R.R. Station Dome
Where we could observe the line
Of cold people outside waiting to go home

Those people in line
In the bitter cold outside
One would freeze then another
He or she would be pushed aside.

The next person would
Step into the open space
Never changed the
Expression on their face.

I suddenly lost my appetite
And felt terrible pain
For these people freezing to death
While waiting for the train.

Four men pulled a cart
Up to the ones lying on the ground
Tossed the frozen bodies in the bed
Then headed somewhere downtown.

The old Sgt. finished his breakfast
And explained to me
These were displaced people
Used for forced labor by the Japanese

As we were leaving the train pulled in
People lay on top of the cars
The boxcars filled to capacity
They hung on to any iron bar.

People were hanging
All over the engine
In this cold weather their
Chances of living were mighty slim.

We left the station
As we left the city
The highway and railway
Were side by side what I saw, such a pity

As the train gained speed
In this Zero temperature out side
People froze to death
And dropped by the R.R. roadside

Where the Train trestle
Crossed over the Han River
You could see the bodies below
The scene made me shiver.

We proceeded on the Inchon Harbor
To the Medical Supply
To pick up a couple cases of vials
Of Penicillin for our Medical Supply.

These images still haunt me
Seemed life was so cheap
Because no one cared
Caused nightmares in my sleep.
Monte L. Manka 04-16-10