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In The Summertime, in Korea

Story ID:5935
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:An awed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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In The Summertime, in Korea

In The Summertime, in Korea

In The Summertime, in Korea

In the Summer Time, In Korea

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, in Korea
Not much to do
Two or more Soldiers and I
Would hike more than a mile or two

Away from the 29th Gen. Hospital
Just to get away
From the business of running an Army Hospital
And the Hum Drum of every weekday.

On each of the many hikes
We discovered more and more
About the people and history of Korea
Many surprises lay in store.

We would come upon a Korean Shrine
Miles and miles from town
Tucked away in a hilly pocket
We would always go down

To get a closer view
Of the old architectural lines
On the outside, we never entered
We respected these Korean Shrines

Off to the right stood a massive rock
On it someone carved a face
This rock was thirty feet tall
Fifteen feet wide at the base.

Carved out of this rock
Was a small entry we walked in and found
Three white Buddhas with candles and holders
We immediately turned around

We went outside
We all felt the same
We did not belong there
A feeling hard to name.

I took these photographs
With my Mercury II
Glad I took these pictures
This was right after WWII

I often wonder if these beautiful
Religious symbols that we were privileged to see
Still grace that hilly pocket
For the villagers in that Korean Back Country

Are they still standing there for worship
For the villagers that live close by?
Or have they been defaced
By some stupid passerby
(Always Wonderin)
Monte L. Manka 05-17-2010